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Autumn 2

Week 6 (5th- 9th December)


Reader of the week-

Achievers of the week- 


We have had another fabulous week in Year 4. As you know, we had our winter concert performances on Wednesday which were amazing! Well done to the children for putting on such a spectacular show! Here are some photos of 4H performing their class poem and song.

Week 4 (21st- 25th November 2022)


Reader of the week- Hafsa

Achievers of the week-

It has been another fabulous week in Year 4! We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated food to Stretford food bank. We received an incredible amount of donations! Well done Year 4 for organising this event!

In English over the past two weeks, we have been writing a persuasive leaflet. Our leaflet is based on research that we did on South American countries that we learnt about in Equality week. We have used persuasive devices such as: rhetorical questions, quotes from customers and ambitious, persuasive vocabulary! 

Week 3 (14th-18th November)


Reader of the week-

Achievers of the week- Musa, Eesa & Daisy


It has been another fantastic week in Year 4! The children have been working hard in maths on multiplication and division this week. Today, we did some outdoor learning. We drew diagrams to accompany a word problem in order to work out the answers and prove them! 

Week 2 (7th-11th November)

Reader of the week- Iqra

Achievers of the week- Blake, Kobe & Olive


What a wonderful week we have had for Equalities week! I was so proud of the children who were brave enough to share their home learning challenges! They were absolutely fantastic and incredibly informative. Here are some photos of us during cultural dress up day with our mirror books that we have made during the week! 

Monday 31st October- Friday 4th November

This week year 4 started their new unit 'Pneumatics' in Design & Technology.  The children learnt about what pneumatics is (the use of pressurized air to make things move) and were able to give their own explanation.  The children then identified pneumatics in everyday life and used their investigative skills to create pneumatics.