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Autumn 2

What we will be learning in Autumn 2:

English - Harley Hitch, The Tin Forest

Maths - Multiplication and Division

Science - Forces

History - Ancient Egypt

DT - Mechanical systems, levers and linkages

Music - Three Little Birds

French - Counting to 30, colours

Computing - Microsoft PowerPoint

PE - Gymnastics

Religion & Beliefs - What do different people believe about God?

Values & Attitudes - Equality, Team Worker

Monday 12th December - Friday 16th December


Achievers of the week: Yasha, Emily and Holly.

Reader of the term: Ellie

Mathematician of the term: Lilah


A fun filled, festive week as we finally hit Christmas week! We have had a lovely time doing lots of Christmas crafts and taking part in different festive activities. On Monday, we took part in Mr Wilkinson's Christmas quiz and had a brilliant time taking part, as well as making our Peace Mala bracelets. On Wednesday, we went to see Cinderella at Stockport Plaza and the children had a fantastic time with lots of laughs to be had. On Thursday, we took part in our Reindeer Race and came second place. The children had a great time cheering the class on and even made hats to celebrate the occasion! On Friday, we had our Christmas party with lots of different games to be played. 


A HUGE thank you for all of your support at home this term. Your help is very much appreciated! Also, a big thank you for my Christmas cards and presents - your generosity has blown me away! 


Have a lovely Christmas, I can't wait to see you all in the New Year! 

Monday 5th December - Friday 9th December 

Achievers of the week - Harvey and Stephen 

Reader of the week - Holly


Yet another fabulous and busy week in 3G! This week, we've done lots of History which we've loved. We have learnt all about the lives of Cleopatra and Tutankhamun and done a brilliant job of our 'show what you know' pages in our books. In Music, we have perfected our singing in Three Little Birds (video below).


Still image for this video

Monday 29th November - Friday 2nd December

Achievers of the week: Maira, Isa and Abdul

Reader of the week: Finn-Lee and Renad


What a crazy week we've had this week! 3G were very brave for assessment week and completed tests in Maths and English. We found it a little bit tricky at times but we powered through and tried our hardest with each test. On Friday, it was Maths day and we had a brilliant time making some Maths mazes and trails on the playground with chalk. We then did some symmetrical colouring and played 6B's Maths games that they created. 




Monday 21st November - Friday 25th November

Achievers of the week: Tate, Daniel and Mikaiah

Reader of the week: Laween


We have been super busy once again in 3G! On Monday, we had a great time watching the World Cup and we made some great flags to show our support for England. We got really excited when we won! In History, we have been learning about the Great Pyramid of Giza and made some lovely posters showing all of the information that we had learnt. During Maths, we have been doing lots of work on learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. We've loved doing the BBC Supermovers in our Maths lessons to help us learn these! It would be great if you could support your child at home with learning their times tables. 

Monday 14th November - Friday 18th November

Achievers of the week: Rose, Hashim and Jassi


A little bit more normality this week after last week's excitement with Equalities! This week, we have been developing our levers and linkages in DT to create a waving hand using split pins and card. We have been looking at mummification in History and even got the chance to mummify others in the class - some very ticklish mummies in 3G! In our Maths lessons, we have been continuing to learn our 3 and 4 times tables and have been using the counters to represent different multiplication facts.


Thank you all so much for attending parents evening. It was so lovely to meet so many of you! 


Monday 7th November - Friday 11th November

Achievers of the week: Musab, Claudia and Thea


A very different week for us this week! We have been celebrating the different cultures in our school with Equalities Week and have done SO many activities to celebrate this. To start the week, we used the iPads to research life in a different European country such as Greece, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. We then created some gorgeous booklets about the differences between life in the UK and our European country, as well as producing some amazing artwork to show that we all live under the same night sky. On Wednesday, we had some guests come in to teach us about their cultures. The children also had the opportunity to teach the class some of their own languages that they knew. 

Monday 31st October - Friday 4th November

Achievers of the week: Elijah and Finn-Lee



A brilliant first week back for our lovely Year 3s! This week, we have started lots of our new topics. In English, we have begun to read our new book 'Harley Hitch and the Iron Forest' and acted out one of the scenes from it during our Guided Reading lessons. In Maths, we have started work on our Multiplication and Division unit by using lots of blocks and counters. In History, we have started to look at the Ancient Egyptians and got to be archaeologists for the afternoon! The children used lots of different tools to uncover the artefacts and did a fabulous job at saying what they might have been used for.