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Autumn 2



What we will be learning in Autumn 2:

English -  Harley Hitch and the Tin Forest

Maths - Addition and Subtraction; Multiplication and Division

Science - Forces and Magnets

Geography - Where in the World

Art - Moving Mechanisms

Computing - Microsoft Powerpoint

Physical Education - Gymnastics

Religious Education - 

French - Numbers upto 10

Music - 


Learner Attitude - TEAM WORKER

Monday 22nd November - Friday 26th November


Happy Friday! What a great week we have had this week! In English we have been continuing to read our class book - Harley Hitch and the Tin Forest and have used it to write a setting description from. We spent time looking at different word classes: adverbs, prepositions and expanded noun phrases, and looked at how we could use these effectively in our writing. In maths, we have moved onto multiplication and division and spent a few days exploring how arrays can help us to solve different calculations. In Geography, we looked at the area where we live in and the differences between a country, county, city and a town. We had fun finding different counties on the map. We finally finished off our week with a fabulous TTRS Day where we spent the day doing lots of different fun activities based around multiplication: we had a treasure hunt; a few class times table battles; took part in a roackathon; played different board games; had a dance off and spent some time on TTRS. It has been a wonderful week and we are all in need of a rest this weekend smiley


Monday 15th November - Friday 19th November


As always, this week has been a very busy week and we have been busy bees with our learning. We were fortunate to have a visitor during the week who taught us all about her faith, Judaism. We were shown lots of different objects which were significant to her faith and were given a little insight into the religion. As part of the afternoon we also spent some time looking at the religious festival Hannukah, and compared the similarities and differences to that celebration and Christmas and Eid. In English, we began our new class book Harley Hitch and the Tin Forest and worked our way up to writing a recount in role of Harley. In preparation for our writing, we looked at different emotions that Harley would have been feeling and had a go at plotting "Emotions Graphs" to represent the different feelings. We then spent some time looking at how we could show these emotions within our writing, instead of just telling them how we felt. In maths, we have been continuing to look at addition and subtraction and began challenging our thinking with looking at how we could find missing values. In PE, we continued with our gymnastics topic - focusing on forming bridges with our bodies: this involved lots of strength to be able to keep our legs and arms straight. Finally in DT, we made our first Lever and Linkage mechanism - which we were too proud of not to take home smiley


We hope you enjoy having a little look at us in action!




Monday 8th November - Friday 12th November


This week, during our "Equalities Week", we have been looking at how gender stereotypes can be challenged. We have spent lots of time having some great discussions around gender equality and what this should look like - especially in and around traditional fairytales and the role of men and women within them. We started the week off by watching Cinderella and spent time discussing how the characters within it showed aspiration, support, strength, courage. We then looked at some of the main characters and compared them to those of the traditional fairytale, before creating our own characters for Cinderella which challenged the traditional views. We have also spent time this week researching inspirational women in all different fields such as Tv, sport, fashion, business, art etc. We created posters of these inspirational women and shared with each other what we had learnt. Another area we looked at was toys and advertising: through this we looked at how colour, toy type and language. We then had fun creating our toy which could be played with by anyone. 

In maths, we have continued to work on our addition and subtraction of 3 digit numbers, with exchanging - and I think it's safe to say we have become much more confident with this, which is brilliant! In PE, we also started our first gynmastics lesson and began working on our balancing skills.  


It has, as also, been a very busy week and here is just a little snapshot of some of learning we have achieved! smiley

Inspirational Women

Tutunkhamun vs Cleopatra

Monday 1st November - Friday 5th November


Welcome back! This week we have picked up from where we were before half term and have thrown ourselves into our learning smiley We have spent a lot of time working on our Teamworker and Co-operative skills over the week by working together. In maths, we have been coaching each other through how to add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers. This has involved us having to exchange, and use our knowledge of equivalent tens and ones to help us. In English, we have been learning all about the River Nile. We started off the week by working together to find out lots of information and turned these into informative posters. We then moved onto looking at Non-Chronological reports and went on the hunt for the different features that are needed. Finally, we brought all our learning together on our very own Non-Chronological reports about the importance of the River Nile to the Ancient Egyptians. In history, we began to explore the question "Who was been the most influential Ancient Egyptian: Cleopatra or Tutunkhamun?" Once again we worked in our co-op teams to research these two famous people and created posters about them. It was also nice to be able to spend some time with our Year 6 buddies this week. In music, we had the opportunity to perform in front of year 4 and the other year 3 class: we certainly brought a tear to the teachers' eye as we sang!




Sharing our Home Learning Challenges