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Autumn 2



What we will be learning in Autumn 2:

English Fairytales, Harley Hitch and the Iron Forest, The Tin Forest

Maths - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division


Geography - Where in the world?

D.T. - Levers and Linkages

Computing Microsoft PowerPoint

Physical Education - Gymnastics

Religious Education - What do people believe about God?



Values - Equality

Learner Attitude - Team Worker

Monday 6th December- Friday 10th December



This week, we were very lucky to have Reverend Luke and Reverend Mary from All Saints C of E visit us to tell us all about their religion Christianity. They told us all about their jobs and what they do in the church. The children had lots of challenging questions for them both, which they answered brilliantly! We hope to visit All Saints C of E next year.






This week we have been looking at all eight directions on a compass. To really test our knowledge, our partner had to give us directions and we had to get from one place in the hall to the other - tricky!




Monday 29th November - Friday 3rd December


This week we have showed real perseverance and determination with our English and maths tests. Everyone tried so hard and gave it their all - well done 3D! On Wednesday, we got to meet with our year 6 buddies and they had made some wonderful maths booklets for us. They were filled with lots of exciting challenges, which they helped us solve.





Monday 22nd November - Friday 26th November



We have been continuing with gymnastics in P.E. reccently and have been practising spinning on large body parts and balancing, which was harder than it looks!





This week in Geography, we have been using our atlases to locate major cities and counties in the U.K, particularly England. We focused on our county of Greater Manchester and our neighbouring counties.






This week we continued with our new book Harley Hitch and the Iron Forest. We looked at an smaller book called The Tin Forest then compared the two settings. We looked carefully at their similarities and differences.




Monday 8th November - Friday 12th November


Equality Week

The focus of our equality week has been to challenge gender stereotypes. In English, we began the week by watching scenes from the new Cinderella film in which Ella wants to become an entrepreneur and sell the dresses she has made. We then decided to put our own twist on the main characters by choosing a different path for them. Some of us chose youtubers, activists, rockstars - such wonderful imaginations we have!

We also continued with our home learning challenge theme of 'inspirational women' but this time we chose someone of the modern day. Check out some of our posters below.







Class Book

Continuing with our equality week theme of challenging gender stereotypes, we looked at various television adverts for toys. We noticed that a lot of them were directed either at girls or boys and very few were for both genders. We decided to create our own gender neutral toy that anyone could play with. We came up with some wonderful ideas and I definitely think some of us could be in the toy industry in the future!




We also met with our year 6 buddies last week and listened to the story of 'Wonder'. We then shared with each other why we thought we were all wonders!




Monday 1st November - Friday 5th November



We have been continuing to practise adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers. We looked at how we could use place value counters to help us solve the calculations. We also learned how to 'exchange' ten ones for one ten or ten tens for one hundred. While we were using the counters, we also tried to use the column method. This was a little tricky at the beginning but we soon got the hang of it and if we all continue to practise it, we'll be masters in no time!




Home Learning Challenges

3D did an amazing job with their first home learning challenge at the Junior school! Our challenge was to research a famous woman in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM). We showcased our findings in some very interesting ways and presented them to the whole class. We had everything from posters to factfiles to PowerPoints and quizzes - amazing!