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Autumn 2



What we will be learning in Autumn 2:

English -  Into The Forest & Cloud Tea Monkeys

Maths - Length and perimeter, multiplication and division

Science - States of matter

Geography - India

Art - Indian artist study (Syed Haider Raza)

Computing - Animation

Physical Education - Basketball

Religious Education - Hinduism

French - My home

Music - Christmas concert practice


Learner Attitude - TEAM WORKER

Week 6 (6th- 10th December 2021)

Achievers of the week: Elizabeth, Luke & Liam

This week was our year 4 Christmas concert. We have been busy little bees!  We performed a choral poem and a mixture of songs! The choir also sang some songs and our year 4 musicians played us a tune too. It was brilliant! It was a very special moment for us as our parents and carers came to watch us. All grownups felt very proud! There wasn’t a dry eye to be seen in the audience! Thank you to our wonderful parents and carers for your support!

Week 4 (22nd- 26th November)


Reader of the week: Liam

Achievers of the week: Leo, Ella R & Ella I


As always it has been another very busy week this week! Today we have had TT rock stars day! The children have all had a fabulous attitude and have shown lots of enthusiasm and passion for maths! We know that learning times tables isn't easy, but with practise comes progress! Here are a few photos of us cracking some times tables codes! The codes all spelt famous rock star names!





Over the last term we have been learning all about states of matter in science. This week, we learnt all about the process of condensation. Condensation is the process of a gas turning into a liquid. Here is some fabulous work from Cham and Leila!

Week 3 (15th-19th November)

Reader of the week: Amy

Achievers of the week:  Jaiden & Max


We have had a busy week in year 4 this week! 4H have shown lots of perseverance and determination, especially in maths. We have been learning about how to find the perimeter of 2D shapes and rectilinear shapes and have been answering lots of challenging problem solving questions. Our first lesson of the week took place outside. 4H were given a set of instructions like- 'draw a triangle with each side measuring 13.5cm'. Out we went to the playground, armed with a tape measure and some chalk!

This week in Geography we have been learning about different climate zones. We learnt about our temperature climate zone in the U.K. We then moved on to looking at the two climate zones in India. We learnt that India has a tropical climate zone and an arid one too. Both are very hot! However, a tropical climate zone has lots of natural rainfall whereas an arid one certainly does not! Here are some wonderful pieces of work from: Rory and Ella R.

Week 2 (8th-12th November 2021)

Achievers of the week- Jessica, Elliot & Bonnie E


This week it is equality week at VPJS! Our focus has been gender equality. On Monday, we did some research about an inspirational lady called Elizabeth Gaskell. We found out that she was inspirational because she believed in equality for all and was a champion of the working class people. Today we went to Elizabeth Gaskell’s house in Manchester. 4H had a fabulous time! We learnt all about her time in Manchester. We dressed up in traditional clothes of her time and got a tour of her fabulous house. As well as that, we got to practise writing with a special quill and ink. Here are our fabulous posters and pictures from the trip!

Week 1 (1st- 5th November 2021)

Achievers of the week- Liam, Bonnie W and Sebastien

It has been another very successful week in 4H! The children have come back after the holidays refreshed and ready to learn. Well done 4H! We have done lots of new learning this week. Something that was quite challenging for us was subordinate clauses in English. Because of the children’s wonderful attitude and determination, they have made lots of progress! Practise makes progress! Here are some wonderful examples from: Cham, Maggie and Ella R. You will notice their beautiful joined up handwriting!