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Autumn 2

What we will be learning in Autumn 2:

English -  The Flood and Kensuke's Kingdom

Maths -  Multiplication and division 

Science - Animals including humans

Geography - Rivers

Art - Hokusai Wave and Monet

Computing - Editing and writing 

Physical Education - Health related fitness

Religious Education - What does it mean to be Muslim?

French - Eating out

Music - Ukulele 


Learner Attitude - TEAM WORKER



Week 7 (Christmas week)

Monday 13th December - Friday 17th December 2021

Week 6

Monday 6th December - Friday 10th December 2021

This week, we have enjoyed taking part in the Trafford EXTRAvaganza winter concert along with lots of other schools from Trafford.


This half term, we've been learning all about Hokusai and re-created our own version of his art piece 'The Great Wave'.

This week, we've enjoyed using water colour paints to paint and add finishing touches to our art work.

Our finished art work - Hokusai's Great Wave

Have a look at 5R's wonderful pieces of art work inspired by Hokusai's great wave - I'm sure you'll agree they look fantastic!

Week 5

Monday 29th November 2021 - Friday 3rd December 2021




This week, we enjoyed showcasing all of our fantastic work in Music this half term.

We performed our marvellous singing and ukulele playing to our parents and carers.


In computing this week, we've been working hard and using our new learning all about HTML to apply our skills to creating our onw birthday / Christmas cards using HTML and CSS. 

Computing - creating our cards using HTML and CSS


This week, we have been reading more of our class book Kensuke's Kingdom. In chapter 3, our main character Michael has fallen overboard the family ship and is now missing. In English, we have been learning all about the features of writing a newspaper and have written our own newspaper reports about Michael going missing.

Here a few examples of our super work this week.

Week 4

Monday 22nd November 2021 - Friday 26th November 2021



This week, we have been learning all about HTML.

We are learning all about HTML and CSS and building up how to make our own customised birthday card next week.

Did you know HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, the language used to make webpages.


We used our HTML skills to edit a pre-made trinket and use tags such as:

<p> is an example of a tag, and is short for paragraph. You can start a paragraph with <p>, and end a paragraph with </p>.

We used the tags: Use <u> and </u> tags for underlined text and <b> and </b< for bold text.


The children really excelled this session and should feel proud of their efforts! 


This week, we have been sketching our first attempt of our art work inspired by Hokusai's 'Great Wave'.

I'm sure you'll agree they look great! I can't wait to see the finished versions next week!


This week, 5R have been planning and designing maths games to celebrate TT Rockstars day (Friday). They have now made the games and also competed in a rock battle to find out who was the winnner of each time table. It was very tense at times! 

Well done to the Finlay and Zaynab who both managed to answer 30 times tables questions correctly in 60 seconds!


This week in our class text Kensuke's Kingdom, our family have decided to depart on a once in a lifetime adventure around the world on their yacht called the Peggy Sue. In English, we have been debating whether or not we think they should go or not.

Here are some of our balanced arguments.

Our balanced arguments

Week 3

Monday 15th November 2021 - Friday 19th November 2021


This week, we have been learning all about tone and texture.

We have been learning how different types of pencils, how dark and light shading and pressure can show texture.

Here is some examples of the work we've been doing.

Week 2 (Equalities week)

Monday 8th November 2021 - Friday 12th November 2021


This week, we have been learning all about what a river is.

We researched using an atlas to find the longest rivers in the world and label them on a map.

Using an atlas to identify the longest rivers in the world.

Our work all about Rivers.

Labelling the world's longest rivers.

Week 1 

Monday 1st November 2021 - Friday 5th November 2021

Design and Technology

This week in 5R, we have been designing our 3D frame structures in Design Technology. We will use these to support our sunflowers.

We used our designs to create our final structures, which looked fantastic!

The children had to think about using triangulation and consider ways to support their structure to strengthen and stiffen their frame.

I was so super pleased by how hard everyone worked and the excellent team working skills they demonstrated!


This week, we've started our new Geography topic all about Rivers, which the children are super excited to learn all about.

For our first lesson, we looked at where water comes from and started to recap on the water cycle we learnt about in Science in Year 4. I have been so super impressed at the knowledge that they all remembered from last year and was able to apply to their learning in Year 5.


This week, we've been learning all about Hokusai.

This half term, we will be studying some of his art work, in particular his piece of art work 'The Great Wave' and producing our own version.

We then moved on to learn on all about cool and warm colours.