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Autumn 2



What we will be learning in Autumn 2:

English -  Skelig

Maths - Fractions & Geometry

Science - Animals including humans

Geography - Local development: Salford Quays

Art - Sculpture, LS Lowry & painting skills

Computing - 3-D modelling / animation

Physical Education - Handball

Religious Education - What difference does it make to believe in ahimsa, grace and Ummah community?

French - France

Music - Happy by Pharrell Williams


Learner Attitude - TEAM WORKER

Monday 13th December -Friday 17th December

This week, we have been like busy like Santa's elves.  We have used our sewing skills to produce Christmas hangings; created 'gonk' Christmas cards; used our artistic skills to produce calendars and made 'bobble hat' Christmas tree decorations.

We also managed to finish reading Skelig and watch the film; we also produced these amazing pieces of art work based on Skelig.

Monday 7th December- Friday 10th December

We have been very busy this week...

In English we have written and created non-chronological reports on the birds of prey we met and learnt about last week. Check out our amazing final reports that we plan on turning into a fantastic book...Brilliant Birds by 6ET!

In maths, we have continued our learning about fractions. We acted as coaches by offering helpful feedback and advice as well as further challenges when adding and subtracting fractions...

In geography, we learnt more about how Salford Quays has developed over time. We researched what it has to offer today to compare it to the past. We found out about the following areas to then write a comparison report - 

- entertainment

- hospitality

- industry

- transport

- sport

Monday 29th November - Friday 3rd December

This week we have become BIRD EXPERTS! 
We have been inspired by the book Skellig and decided to learn more about different birds of prey. 


We began by researching one of the following creatures...

Barn Owl

European Eagle Owl

Harris Hawk

Peregrine Falcon

We then had a visit from Cheshire Falconry who brought a few friends along with them...


We also drew scientific diagrams of the birds and labelled them...

Monday 22nd November - Friday 26th November

In our geography learning, we continued to explore the local area of Salford Quays by researching what it was like in the past and how it has changed over time. We found out all sorts of facts, increasing our local history knowledge at the same time.

We have had a fantastic TIMES TABLES ROCK STAR DAY! 

Celebrating all things maths - especially times tables! 

We dressed up as rock stars and had lots of times tables competitions.

We also created our own maths adventure and quest stories that included maths problems to solve along the way. 

Our target audience are year 3 children and we plan on testing out our stories with our Y3 Buddies next week.

Monday 15th November - Friday 19th November

We started our new science learning this week all about the circulatory system. We drew scientific diagrams to explain where the oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood travels.

We are excited to start our new geography project - How has our local area been developed?

We will be focusing on how Salford Quays has developed over time, but first we needed to know where exactly Salford Quays is?

We also enjoyed the school disco on Friday night! 

Monday 8th November - Friday 12th November


We found out about inspirational women (past and present) and created amazing artwork explaining their achievements...

We had lots of great discussions about challenging gender stereotypes. Check out our responses...

We watched the new film version of Cinderella and got inspired to update other traditional tales. To make sure they reflected life today, we set them in 2021 and decided to give the character roles a twist when it came to gender.  



We enjoyed being writers and putting a modern twist on traditional tales...

Monday 1st November - Friday 5th November

On Wednesday, 6ET and their 3D buddies went into the hall to have a lesson with Miss Tidman.  The lesson was about a book called "We are Wonders".  It taught us that we are all wonders and to celebrate being different.  During the book, Miss Tidman frequently paused and asked us questions which we discussed with our year 3 buddies.  We were given slips to write a reason why our year 3 buddies are special and they then completed the slips for us.

By Finn and Xaivion

To complete our learning on WW2 we explored the role of black people during the war. We were able to use our understanding of EQUALITY (one of our school values) to learn about the unfair treatment of black troops and how they overcame discrimination to make a significant contribution to the war. 

One of the people we learnt about was Lilian Bader (one of the first black female women to join the RAF).



We then created freeze frames and new reports to represent the treatment of black troops and their role in WW2...

Reporter: How did you deal with the racism?

Soldier: I stood up for my country and showed how important my place in the war. I followed my dreams and showed equality no matter if others did not understand it. 

Report by Saffa, Charlotte and Rayan

This week in RE, we have focused on Christian stained glass windows.  First we learnt about their origin, common symbols on them and their meanings.  Then we wrote up what we knew from our learning and then we designed our own religious stained glass window.  The common designs were crosses, abstract colours and the fish symbol.  Finally we created the arch for our window.  We got a black piece of card, drew our shape and cut it out.  After we had done that, we ripped up pieces of tissue paper and stuck it on the back of the card, making a lovely design on the front.  To display our work we stuck them on the window so the light can shine through them.

By Neve and Lois