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Autumn 1



What we will be learning in Autumn 1:

English -  Adventure stories, The Tear Thief

Maths - Place value, addition and subtraction

Science - What helps us grow

Geography - Where in the world 

Art - Self portraits

Computing - Digital literacy - staying safe online

Physical Education - Basketball and yoga

Religious Education - What different people believe about God

French - Greetings/ How are you/ My family

Music - Let the spirit fly

Values / attitudes - Self Manager / Respect 

Monday 19th October - Thursday 22nd October
This week to celebrate the end of our first half term together we had our very own "Teddy Bears picnic".  Throughout this half term 3O have been fabulous and I am extremely proud of all their hard work, motivation, resilience they have shown over the last 8 weeks - well done to you all! smiley
In geography this week, we have been pulling together our information from the "walking tour of Manchester" that we did last week. We have produced fact files about the different significant landmarks we have in the city centre and then decorated them with some lovely drawings. Here is just a small selection of the fabulous work that was created. blush
Monday 12th October - Friday 16th October
This week in English we have read the book called The Tin Forest which is all about an old man who is lonely and who dreams of living in a world of colour and beauty, like a jungle. As part of this we have been working up to writing a setting description about a jungle thinking in particular about about prepositions, adverbs and commas in lists. Everyone worked hard and wrote some great descriptions, here is just a small selection smiley
In music this week, we decided to challenge ourselves to learn to sign along to Bruno Mars' Count On Me. Here is a very short snippet of our efforts, I think you will all agree we tried really hard and have been pretty successful with our efforts smiley

3O Signing along to Bruno Mars

Still image for this video
Monday 5th October - Friday 9th October

In maths this week, we have been looking at addition and subtraction alongside working on hard on the presentation of our learning. We have been working really hard making a word bank for all the different words we can use and making up some interesting stories to show what different calculations mean. Our main focus has been on how we can solve different calculation efficiently and apply our number bonds learning to help us calculate in our heads.

Have a little look at some examples of the work we have done and presented beautifully smiley

This week we have been practising the art of yoga, and allowing ourselves a little bit of "me time" linking in with our value of respect and making sure we respect ourselves as well as those around us. This week we followed, and retold, the story of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone through different yoga poses which definitely put our balancing skills to the test!

Have a little look at us in action smiley

Monday 28th September - Friday 2nd October
In maths this week, we have been continuing to explore place value and thinking about comparing numbers and using the more than and less than symbols < >; ordering numbers in ascending and descending order and counting in groups of 50. Here you can see that we had a lots of fun making 3 digit numbers using dice and then working together to order them (which we were all amazing at doing!). laugh
In art over the last two weeks, we have been looking at sketching what we see with increasing accuracy and working on improving our work a little bit at a time. Whilst being the artists we have also had our critics heads on and have been working on giving each other peer feedback to help improve our drawings. I am sure you will all agree we did a fabulous job and the progress made was brilliant, here's a little snapshot of what we produced smiley
In RE this week we have been looking at the story of Moses and the Passover. After reading the story together and discussing the 10 commandments and what they meant, we had a go at re-telling it in our own way through pictures and short captions. Have a look at a couple of examples of work that we produced....

Monday 21st September - Friday 26th September


In Science we have been looking at our muscles, skeleton and nutrition and this week we focused, in particular, on the different food groups. We looked at what we needed to eat to ensure we have a healthy, balanced diet and what types of foods we might see in each of the groups. Have a look at some of the photos of us busy at work smiley

In PE, we have been working on our ball handling skills and improving our bounce passes and dribbling skills in basketball. It has been lots of fun, have a little look at some of us in action, as you can tell from our faces we were concentrating really hard yes
In Geography this week, we have been looking at our local area and the different landmarks that we have here in Stretford. After finding out lots of facts about our area, we designed some leaflets to explain what we thinks makes Stretford great. Here is a little selection of our work!

Monday 14th September - Friday 18th September


This week in maths we have been really busy learning about partitioning 2 and 3 digit numbers; exploring what makes a hundred; how many equivalent 10s are in hundred numbers and how we can represent numbers using concrete resources. We have all had a super week and even though our heads might have hurt at some points, all of us have made great progress! 

Have a look at some of the photos below, which show just how busy we have been smiley

Wellbeing Wood


This week we spent some time enjoying the sunshine in our wellbeing wood. We had a lovely afternoon thinking about how we could represent our school value "Love" whilst we were there, and created some fabulous images and representations using the nature around here. Have a look at what we created....heart

Our school values and class book work


Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at what our school values are and what they mean to us. We have had lots of great discussions and created different pieces of work to represent each of them to display in our class book. Have a look at some of the gorgeous work we have created...

Monday 7th September - Friday 11th September


This week, in English, we have been looking at a picture called "The unexpected journey" and we have written our own adventure stories based around visiting the ocean. We all worked really hard on this and wrote some great stories, below is just a little example of some of the stories written.

An unexpected journey

All our work on display