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Autumn 1

in Autumn 1:



English - Skellig by David Almond 

Maths - place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division 

Science - Animals including humans 

Geography - Where in the World? 
Art - Banksy and graffiti artwork 

Computing - Digital literacy - staying safe online 

Physical Education - Basketball 

Religious Education - What difference does it make to believe in ahimsa, grace and Ummah? 

French - actions 

Music - The Song 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams  

Values / attitudes - Self Manager / Respect 



Monday 12th October 2020 - Thursday 22nd October 2020


A HUGE well done to 6B for all of their hard work and effort over the last two weeks whilst having to complete their learning from home. I can't wait until we are all back together in our classroom! 



Have a wonderful half term! 

Monday 5th October 2020-  Friday 9th October 2020


We have really enjoyed learning about Skellig however there are lots of questions left unanswered.
Where did he come from? Why does he have wings? How did he end up in the garage?


We have created our own backstory for Skellig and added it over our paintings of him.

Miss Butterworth is super impressed with the results!


Mnday 28th October 2020 - Friday 2nd October 2020


We went into our outdoor nature area to collect resources for a piece of art.

We produced birds inspired by our text 'Skellig'.


Our Nature Area

Monday 20th September - Friday 25th September 2020


This week we have thought about taking risks and our comfort zones.

We were presented with the question- which path would you take: the safe path or the risky path?




In English this week, we learned that Mina (a character from Skellig) is homeschooled. We debated whether we think school or home is the best place to learn. We had lots of interesting ideas- especially since we have all experienced some home schooling earlier this year!! 

Have a look at some of our fantastic balanced arguments below.

In science this week we have been learning all about the Circulatory System.


We each had a key question to research and then we could present our learning in a creative way. 

Take a look at the wonderful posters and leaflets about the heart, blood and  blood vessels. heart

Monday 14th September - Friday 18th September 2020

This week we have been art critics!


We described what we could see in the different images by Banksy and then gave our opinions.

In geography, we have been testing our knowledge of the World  by creating globes.

They were pretty tricky to assemble but we got there in the end by working with our learning buddies and helping each other out!



Monday 7th September - Friday 11th September 2020

Our text for this half term is Skellig by David Almond. We used the front cover to make predictions.

We had lots of interesting ideas!

Skellig Front Cover Predictions

Our school value for this half term is 'Respect'


6B were set the challenge of creating a sign/symbol that represents respect. I think you will agree they did a really good job!


Designs from Himnah, Melody, May. T, May. D, Emilie, Anna, Fionn, Marwa, Hanifah & Almo

Thursday 3rd September - Friday 4th September 2020


Our first pieces of art are up in our Art Gallery!




I am Strong like a Tree!

We thought about what a tree might represent.


Our roots are what helps us achieve and succeed.

The wind blowing our trees are any challenges and difficulties we might face.