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Autumn 1



What we will be learning in Autumn 1:

English - Broken: Rock, paper, Scissors / The Darkest Dark / Space themed poetry 

Maths - Place value / Number: addition and subtraction

Science - Space

Geography - Mountains

Art -  Abstract space themed artwork based on work by Peter Thorpe / mountain art work based on David Hockney

Computing - Digital literacy - staying safe online

Physical Education - Yoga / Basketball

Religious Education What does it mean to be a Muslim today? 

French - The body

Music - Learning to sing - Livin' on a prayer / sign language  

Values / attitudes - Self Manager / Respect 




Monday 19th - Thursday 23rd October 2020



Two wonderful superstars in 5R will soon be receiving a postcard home.


Will it be you?



After lots of hard work this week, we have finally finished our space themed narratives. 

We wrote drafts, edited them and then wrote them up with illustrations. 

Take a look at a few of our stories below.



5R have been overtaken by 4S in the spelling shed leaderboard this week.


The challenge is on now to get back to our 1st place!


Watch this space! 



Today, we've been learning all about mountain ranges and peaks in the United Kingdom. We've been using an atlas to label a map of the UK with the four countries which make up the United Kingdom, major towns and cities and mountain ranges. 

Take a look at some of our wonderful map work below. I'm sure you'll agree, they look fantastic.

Tuesday Maths

Look at some of our wonderful line graphs from today.


This week, we are going to be building up to write our own free write narrative with a space theme and we are really excited. 

Today, we spent some time planning our narratives and sharing them with our learning buddies. 

Monday 12th - Friday 16th October 2020


Achievers of the week: Xaivion, Ruby and Aydin

Reader of the week: Avani 

This week, we have been discussing online safety.

We've talked about the meaning of identity and how we can protect it whilst we're online.

We looked at the positive and negative effects of changing our identity online can have on ourselves and others.


We designed our own avatars which we could use online. Can you guess who we are?


This week, we have been working on reading and interpreting graphs. Take a look at some of our wonderful work this week.



This week, we have been building up to write our own alien planet description. We have been using the DADWAVERS from Literacy Shed to think about different ways to start our sentences.

Monday 5th - Friday 9th October 2020


Achievers of the week: Leo, Grace and Saffa 

Reader of the week: Thor 


5R in the shed! (Title by Jack)


This week, we are feeling super proud as are in 1st place for spelling shed.
























We are also super proud of:


Saffa, Anabia and Amiri as they have made it into the top 10 of the whole school.


Impressive, huh?








Monday 28th September - 2nd October 2020

Achievers of the week: Dylan, Neve and Ruby

Reader of the week: Menaal

This week, we have been busy learning all about the Apollo 11 Moon landing. We have been researching facts, using drama to act out scenes from eye-witnesses and interviewing Neil Armstrong himself. We enjoyed writing our own diary entries and definitely produced some writing which made Miss Rowlands smile. Well done, 5R. Check out some of our newspaper reports below.
In art, we've been learning about the artist Peter Thorpe and his art work. We used his work as an inspiration to create own our space themed art work. I'm sure you'll agree they're fantastic! 5R definitely have budding artists in the making.

Monday 21st - Friday 25th September 2020


5R achievers of the week:   Avani, Rayan and Thor (Focus: Respect)

5R reader of the week:  Neve 

This week, we have been busy learning all about the Apollo 11 moon landing which we've really enjoyed. 5R have definitely shown what curious questioners they are with lots of fantastic questions to extend their learning further. We've enjoyed reading the book 'The Darkest Dark by Chris Hadfield' and then taking on the role of Chris and writing diary entries in role from the moon landing. Take a look at some of our wonderful writers this week.

This week, we enjoyed visiting our Well-being wood. We worked in pairs and teams to be as creative as we could with nature to create a piece of art work.  I'm sure you'll agree, they look great! 

Monday 14th - Friday 18th September 2020


5R achievers of the week:  Amiri and Charlotte (Focus: motivation / determination)

5R reader of the week:  Grace


This week, we have been watching our video: Broken: Rock, paper, Scissors.

You can watch the video here ->

We have been super busy preparing to write the narrative for the video on Friday.

We have been sequencing the key events, writing fronted adverbials for when and where, using commas to mark subordinate clauses and adding adverbs to our sentences.


Look at some of our wonderful pieces of work by Aiden, Charlotte, Avani, Menaal, Jack, Neve and Thor. 

Monday 7th September - Friday 11th September 2020


5R Achievers of the week this week:  Ria and Dylan (Focus: Super start to Year 5)


This week, we have practising our handwriting.

Here are some examples of our wonderful handwriting by Avani, Ava-Lilly and Aydin. 

This week, we have been learning all about place value. We have all been working really hard on understanding the values of numbers up to 100,000, comparing and ordering numbers. Check out some of our wonderful work by Ayaan, Neve, Bea and Charlotte. 


Thursday 3rd September - Friday 4th September 2020



We are really enjoying being back in school and seeing our friends again.  heart