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Autumn 1


English - The Land of Roar

Maths - Number and Place Value

Science - States of Matter

Geography - South America and Rainforests

Art - Georgia O'Keefe

Computing - Internet Safety and Word Processing 

Physical Education - Football

Religious Education - Hinduism

French - Playtime 

Music - Mama Mia

Values - Respect

Learner Attitude - Self Manager 

Week 7 - WC 17/10/22 - This week in geography, the children have been foccusing on Rio de Janeiro and thinking about what it would be like to live there. The children finished off the lesson by becoming tour guides and explaining some of the reasons why people should visit there.

Week 6 - WC - 10th October 2022 - The children in 4M had a wonderful Disney themed dance lesson love from the London Cathedral. It was great to see their enthusiasm and dance moves.

Week 5 - WC 03.10.22 - This week the children in 4M have been using their knowledge of rounding to 10, 100 and 1000 to investigate and problem solve.

Week 4 - WC 26th September - The children have continued to learn about Hinduism in R.E. and where and when it originated. The children then researched which countries have people that follow Hinduism and highlighted them on their world maps.

Week 3 - WC 19th September 2022 This week in science the children have been continuing to look at states of matter and had an opportunity to sort and discuss different states of matter with their groups. We even had some 'state debates' for things like bubble bath and cream which were really interesting.

This week in maths we have been understanding place value and focusing on partitioning numbers up to 10,000. Today the children have been problem solving with their learning buddy. I saw some great team work and problem solving. Well done everyone!

Week 1 - What a fabulous first week in 4M! ALL of the children have settled in really well and are working hard. This week, the class have decided on the best way to learn and have produced a learning charter which is displayed in the classroom and also in their learning journals.