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Autumn 1

 Here's what we are learning this half term!

English - The Land of Roar

Maths - Number and Place Value

Science - States of Matter

Geography - South America and Rainforests

Art - Georgia O'Keefe

Computing - Internet Safety and Word Processing 

Physical Education - Football

Religious Education - Hinduism

French - Playtime 

Music - Mama Mia

Values - Respect

Learner Attitude - Self Manager 

Week 7 (17th-20th October)

Achievers of the week- Reuben, Willow & Katrina


Well done to 4H on a fantastic first half term in Year 4! I am proud of their hard work and perseverance! This week in Geography, we focused on Rio de Janiero. We looked at some images and discussed what life is like there. We picked out some human and physical characteristics in groups. 

Over the past two weeks, we have been writing a character description for our very own villain! Here are some wonderful examples from Eesa, Darain and Maddie!

Week 6 (10th-14th October)


Reader of the week- Molly

Achievers of the week- Maddie, Ethan J & Jasmine


What a fabulous week we have had in Year 4!  As always, the children have been busy bees! Over this half term, Year 4 have worked on their football skills. In previous weeks, the children have learnt how to dribble, tackle and shoot. Today, they put their new skills into action playing matches in groups.

Week 5 (3rd-7th October)


Achievers of the week- Tyler, Aariz & Molly

Reader of the week- Ethan W


As always, it has been a busy week in 4H! The weather has been dreadful but that hasn't stopped the children from working hard and meeting their learning goals! This week in maths, we have been practising how to round numbers to the nearest 10/100 and 1000. Here are some photos of us doing an investigation rounding three and four digit numbers to the nearest 100.  We do love a challenge!

In our values and attitudes lesson, we thought about how we can keep ourselves safe. We also discussed trusted grown-ups to go to or tell if we don't feel safe and secure. 

Week 4 (26th- 30th September)

Readers of the week- Daisy, Harrison & Maddie

Achievers- Blake, Poppy and Tadhg


What a super week we have had in Year 4! The children have really settled in and are working hard at becoming independent learners. Thank you to all of the parents who attended our 'meet the teacher' sessions. It was lovely to see you all! I have attached the power point with the slides that we went through for those who couldn't make it.


This week in English, we have been building up to write a setting description. We worked with a partner to design a fictional world! We thought carefully about the vocabulary that we used. 

Week 3 (20th- 23rd September) 

Reader of the week- Reuben

Achievers of the week- Ethan W, Mia & Hafsa


It has been another brilliant week in 4H. As always, we have been very busy and are all getting into the routine of life in Year 4. Swimming is something that the children are particularly enjoying each week. In Science this half term we are learning all about states of matter. This week, we did some drama! In our table groups, we acted out the particles in a solid, liquid and gas. Here are some photos!

Week 2 (12th-16th September)


Achievers of the week- Sophie, Ayesha, Esme

Reader of the week- Asa


It has been another fabulous week in 4H! We have been very busy with English and maths in particular! Here are some photos of us doing some problem solving and reasoning maths questions. We worked with a partner to explain our reasoning about 'flexible partitioning'. 

Week 1 (5-9th September 2022)


What a super start to the year 4H have had this week! This week, our focus has been to have a positive attitude. I am pleased to say that all of the children have come back after the holidays with a fantastic attitude and are eager to learn! Keep it up 4H!

This week, we have created a 'class charter'. This is a set of guidelines that we have created together so that we can be the best that we can be! Our charter is based all around our school values: respect, responsibility, love, equality, courage & aspiration! Here is the finished product!