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Autumn 1



What we will be learning this half term:

English - Writing outcomes: diary entry, biography, newspaper report and poetry
                Texts: The Darkest Dark by Chris Hadfield and Space-themed non-fiction

                Guided Reading: Space non-fiction

Maths - Place Value and Addition & Subtraction

Science - Space

Geography - North America

Art -  Drawing & Painting based on artist Peter Thorpe

Computing - Online Safety - Identify  / Information Technology - Spreadsheets

Physical Education - Basketball

Religious Education - What is it like being a Muslim in Britain?

French - On Holiday

Music - Trafford Music Service - African Drums

Values - Respect 

Learner Attitude - Self Manager


Week 6- Monday 11th October - Friday 14th October 2022

This week in our learning we have continued working on Addition & Subtraction in Maths, looking at inverse operations and comparing calculations.

In English, we created our own alien worlds and have begun to plan a story based on our new planets.

In Geography, we compared the human and physical geography features of New York State and the North-West of England.

Finally, in Science, we completed our last lesson on Earth & Space, learning about why we have day and night.

Week 5- Monday 3rd October - Friday 6th October 2022

Achievers of the week: Lucas, Mila & Troy

Reader of the week: Oliver

Mathematician of the week: Will

Despite the weather, it hasn't stopped 5R this week! Another fantastic week had by all.



In Maths, we've been working on our mental strategies for addition and subtraction including adding and subtract 9, 99 and 999.

This week, we've been using the place value counters to master exchanging in addition and subtraction and moved onto to using the written method for both. We also enjoyed working in groups to solve problems and explain our reasoning. 



In English this week, we have been planned, drafted and edited our newspaper reports.



This week, we've been learning more about the djembe and learning new rhythms and songs for our performance.

We hope you will be able to make our wonderful music performance and I'm sure you will be super impressed!


In Geography, we've been learning all about Time Zones and why there are different time zones. We had fun using the atlas and a time zones map trying to work out different times around the world when it is 12pm here! 


In Science, we learnt all about the different phrases of the moon.



Week 4 - Monday 26th September - Friday 30th September

Achievers of the week: Darcy, Harry and Freddie

Reader of the week: Troy

Mathematician of the week: Hamid



Another fantastic week in year 5.

I know I said it last week, but I am honestly the luckiest teacher to be the teacher of 5R.

They are demonstrating each day how much they are maturing into super young people and members of our school.

Our behaviour, enthusaism and determination this week has been excellent and I couldn't be more proud. heart




This week, we've been learning all about words ending in 'tial.

We enjoyed practising finding the syllable breaks in each word and finding the word meanings.


This week, we have enjoyed working in kagan pairs to solve lots of maths problem solving activities to finish off our topic of Place Value in maths.



This week in English, we have been working on writing our newspaper reports on the 'Moon Landing'.

We enjoyed working in role as journalists and eyewitnesses to create our own quotes and even hot seat and interview Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin!

Week 3 - Tuesday 20th September 2022 - Friday 23rd September 2022

Achievers of the week:  Skye, Will & Casper

Reader of the week: Mila & Anandrai

Mathematician of the week: Jason

Writer of the week: Renee




A fantastic start to the week in 5R! We started the week in maths warming our brains up by practising reading and writing 6 digit numbers. We enjoyed working in a team to create the largest and smallest 6-digit numbers using different digits. We then had to read them accurately to the class. 

Ordering numbers up to 1 million

This week, we've been working really hard in year 5 to become a place value master.

We've been learning about the value of each digit in numbers up to 1 million.

We have been working hard to order numbers in ascending and descending order.

We worked in teams to order numbers and then even made a whole school human sequence!



This week, we've been mastering how to round to the nearest 10,100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000.

We enjoyed watching the rounding song and using cards to help us round numbers.


In English this week, we've been learning all about the features of a biography. We enjoyed reading an extract about 'Hidden Figures - The unsung heroes of American Space Travel' and identifying the key features of a biography.

We have researched key information all about Neil Armstrong and learnt how to use this information to create a biography.


In Science, we've been learning all about geocentric and heliocentric theories.

We also reminded ourselves of the vocabulary words: orbit and rotate and enjoyed creating a drama to show it to the rest of the class.

Week 2 - Monday 12th September 2022 - Friday 16th September 2022

Achievers of the week:  Lucie & Renee

Reader of the week: Sara


Another wonderful week in 5R!


This week, we enjoyed our very first djembe lesson. We learnt all about what a djembe is and where it comes from. Look at our photos from our lesson!


Liz, "Music is the language of the soul so try and enjoy it. I really enjoyed learning all about where djembes come from."

Josie, "Music leads you."

Darcy says "It was fun!"

Casper, "I loved the music lesson!"

Sara, "Playing the djembe was very fun!"



In Maths this week, we've been working extremely hard and I've been super impressed by everyone's enthusiasm and determination even when things are tricky!

We've been working on reading and writing numbers up to 1,000,000, powers of 10, sequences, finding 10/100/1,000/10,000/100,000 more and less than a given number and partitioning numbers.

Working in teams to create our own sequences


In English this week, we have been working on building up to write our second diary entry based on the book 'The Darkest Dark' by Chris Hadfield. 

We have been working on starting sentences in different ways, finding alternative words for a character's feelings at different points in a text and learning all about the features of a diary. 

This week, we've tried really hard to draft a diary entry and then spent time working with a buddy to edit and improve our writing.

I'm sure you'll agree, they are fantastic! 


Character's feelings


This week, we enjoyed working with our buddy to practise words ending in -cious.

We enjoyed working together on the word 'ferocious' to find it's meaning, use it in a sentence and find synonyms and antonyms.



In Geography, we've been learning more about North America. We enjoyed watching some video clips showing different parts of North America. We've been using our super team work skills when using the atlas to locate the different countries that make up North America. 

Week 1 - Monday 5th September - Friday 9th September

Achievers of the week: Arion, Scott and Myah


WOW! What a fabulous first week in 5R!

I must be the luckiest teacher in the world to be the teacher of 5R this year.

Our focus this week was having about having positive attitude and I have been extremely impressed with how positive, kind and hard-working everyone has been this week. They've certainly made a great first impression.

I can't wait to see what wonderful things they're going to achieve this year. 


In maths, we have been working on our understanding of place value and looking at numbers up to 100,000. We particularly enjoyed working with a buddy to rally coach through using a place value chart to read numbers.

In English, we have started our new text 'The Darkest Dark' by Chris Hadfield and began to write our diary entry in role as Chris himself. Next week, we'll continue to add to these and I can't wait to see the rest!





In Spelling, we have been working on the word endings '-tious' and '-ious'. We enjoyed sorting the words into different groups, practising counting syllables for each word and putting words into sentences.


In Science, we started our new topic of 'Earth and Space'. We were learning all about the solar systems and the different planets. We especially enjoyed singing the planet song!

In Geography, we've been working on our map and atlas skills and learning all about lines of longitude and latitude and using these lines to help us to locate different continents and oceans. We also enjoyed singing the continent song- always a favourite!