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Autumn 1

What we will be learning in Autumn 1:

English Ruby's Worry, Taking Flight, The Tear Thief 

Maths - Place value and Addition and Subtraction

Science Animals including humans

Geography - Local Area Study - Stretford & Manchester

Art Printing in the style of Alaa Awaad

Computing Word processing

Physical Education - Basketball

Religious Education - What do different people believe about God?

French Greetings, Family

Music Three Little Birds

Values Respect 

Learner Attitude - Self Manager



Monday 17th October - Friday 21st October



What an amazing half-term we have had! Everyone has been fantastic and settled into life at VPJS. We have worked so hard in all our lessons and had fun at the same time. I think we will all enjoy the much needed rest!

Next half term, we will be starting our online homework. Each week, there will be one Spelling Shed assignment and two Maths Shed assignments to complete by the following Friday. There will also be a spelling homework sheet that children will need to complete, which will be sent home in their homework folders. If there are any problems accessing the online assignments, please just let us know and we can arrange for your child to go to homework club at lunch time. smiley



The final lesson of our art unit was to make and print our pyramids onto our sunsets. We had to score the pyramid into the cardboard and make sure the bricks looked effective. We then painted over the cardboard pyramid and printed it. They look amazing!



Monday 10th October - Friday 14th October



This week, we have been naming and locating regions of England - a tricky task! We found out that Manchester is in the North-West of England. We had to match the labels to the region on the map.






We have been looking at the artist Alaa Awaad and have been working towards creating a piece of work in his style of repeated printing. This week, we have been designing our pyramids to print onto our sunsets.






We have been working on addition and subtraction with exchanging this week. We have used counters to see the exchange process and then moved onto using the column method. It would be great if we could continue to practise these at home.





Monday 3rd October - Friday 7th October



This week we have been looking at direct speech and how to include inverted commas. As inverted commas come in a pair, we decided to rename them Seb and Louis to help us remember that they must go together! In the pictures below, we had to correct a muddled up sentence and make sure the direct speech was punctuated correctly.






As part of our science topic this half term, we have been looking at the human body and the different bones. Have a look at our skeletons we made.





This week, we have been naming and locating cities of the U.K. We used our atlases to help us and then used our compass directions to desccribe where the cities are in relation to each other. 




Monday 26th September - Friday 30th September



We have been reading a new book called 'The Tear Thief' about a little girl who steals children's tears to make the moon brighter. We have been looking at how to use prepositions and adverbs and then used them to write an alternative story, which were very imaginative.






This week, we have been looking at how to use greater than and less than when comparing numbers and using them in sentences.




Monday 19th September - Friday 23rd September



Our geography topic this half term is a 'Local Area study of Stretford and Manchester'. We have been looking at maps of Stretford and Manchester and understanding the difference between human and physical geography.  We then tried identifying the human and physical features of Stretford. Did you know VPJS is human geography? We also got to look at how Stretford has changed over time. We couldn't believe that Stretford Mall wasn't always there and used to be King Street and that Pinnington Lane used to be where Quality Save is now-wow!





This week, we have been learing about number lines and how to work out intervals and missing numbers. We made human number lines and used our estimating skills to guess where certain numbers would be on the line.





Monday 12th September - Friday 16th September



This week, we watched a short film on Literacy Shed called 'Taking Flight' about a boy and his Grandpa who go on an adventure. We created our own characters in preparation for our adventure story next week. Have a look at our wonderful imaginations!






Year 6 Buddies!


We have been so excited to see who our new Year 6 Buddy would be and this week we got to meet them! We introduced ourselves and told them some things about us. Our Year 6 Buddies will be there to help us on the playground if we need help or advice or simply a chat. We will continue to meet up over the year and share our wonderful learning with each other.





Monday 5th September - Friday 9th September




What a fantastic week we have had in 3D! Everyone has settled into VPJS and it's like they have always been here! We have been reading the book 'Ruby's Worry' and it has been really useful hearing what advice we would give Ruby. In Maths, we have been looking at place value and learning some new vocabulary like the word 'exchange'. We have also been musicians this week and practising our song for this half term 'Let Your Spirit Fly'. Have a look at a snippet of what we got upto: