School reopens tomorrow (Thursday 2nd September). We are looking forward to seeing you all!
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Autumn 1



What we will be learning in Autumn 1:

English -  The Piano & Letters from the Lighthouse 

Maths Place value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Science - Electricity

History - World War 2

Art - Banksy

Computing Information Technology- Microsoft Excel

Physical Education - Basketball 

Religious Education What difference does it make to believe in Ahimsa, Grace and Ummah? 

French - Actions

Music Music through the ages 

Values - Respect 

Learner Attitude - Self Manager

Monday 6th September- Friday 10th September

What a fantastic week we have had! We created self portraits using words that describe our unique and special qualities. Take a look...

6ET also learnt how to be art critics. We used the following stages to critique the work of graffiti artist Banksy

- description

- analysis

- interpretation

- opinion


Here are some of 6ET's interpretations of Banksy's work...


Hello! We are so proud of how the new 6ET have come back to school - they have already brought such enthusiasm and fun to the classroom. We can't wait to see what they achieve over the year! We formed our co-operative table groups, created our class learning charter and met ET1 & ET2 (our class mascots!). We also started reading 'You Are Awesome' by Matthew Syed to help us learn more about growth mindset. You are ALL fantastic 6ET!