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Autumn 1



What we will be learning in Autumn 1:

English -  The Present and Wonder.

Guided Reading - The British by Benjamin Zephaniah / Wonder

Maths -  Place Value / Addition / Subtraction

Science -  Materials

History - Black and Asian historical figures 

Design Technology - Structures  

Computing -  Spreadsheets

Physical Education - Basketball

Religious Education - Islam

French - Holiday destinations

Music - Trafford Music Project - Ukulele

Values - Respect 

Learner Attitude - Self Manager

Monday 11th - Friday 15th October 2021

Achievers of the week:   (Focus: Motivation) 

Reader of the the week:

Monday 4th October - Friday 8th October

Achievers of the week:  Amelia A and Judah (Pupil choice) 

Reader of the the week: Zaynab



This week, we've been practising shooting in Basketball using 'BEEF' techniques. (Balance, Elbow, Eyes, Follow through)


Design Technology

This week, we've been practising our skill of creating 2D and 3D shapes using paper straws.

At times, it was a bit tricky to get our models to stay together but we persevered with great team work and got there in the end! 


This week, we've enjoyed continuing to learn the skill of playing the ukulele.


Monday 20th September - Friday 24th September 2021

Achievers of the week:  Ethan, Ermi and Zaynab

Reader of the week: Jasper


Another fantastic week! I have been so incredibly impressed by the effort this week in 5R. All of the children have been working extremely hard and enjoying challenging themselves, which has been lovely to see.



This week, we've been continuing to learn new skills on using Microsoft Excel to create our own spreadsheets. 

Last week, we learn the basics around cells, columns and rows.

This week, we've been continuing with our skills to create tables of information and formatting skills. We learnt how to add a border to our tables, how to format cells, cell backgrounds, font colour and use keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy and paste to become more efficient. 



This week, we've been continuing to learn the ukulele with Mrs Peacock. We have been practising our different strings and remembering the name of each one using 'G - Giraffes, C- can, E- eat, A-anything. We enjoyed practising the different fun songs including our song about Star Wars which we sing in a round. 



This week, we've been continuing to build up to writing our story based on 'The Present'. We've been learning about how to use organisational techniques to section our ideas into paragraphs and planning, drafting and editing our opening paragraphs. We then used all of the learning from the past two weeks to create some excellent narratives which the children should feel incredibly proud of themselves for! 



99 CLUB! 

This week, we started our '99 club' in maths using our times tables. 

We've all started on the 33 club by trying to answer 33 times tables questions correctly in 5 minutes. 

Who will be the first person to move up to the 44 club next week?


This week, we've been learning all about Rosa Parks. Look at some of our fabulous fact files!

Monday 13th September - Friday 16th September 2021

Achievers of the week:  Judah, Freya and Kaius (Focus: Respect)

Reader of the week: Lavae


What a fantastic week in Year 5!

This week, we've been focusing on this half term's school value of showing respect. I've been really impressed by how hard 5R have worked, the enthusiasm they've shown to all of their work this week and the respect they've shown to themselves, each other and all of the adults in our school. Well done, 5R.


English - this week, we've been planning our ideas for our story based around the video animation: The Present. We've been learning about different ways to start our sentences and practising using -ed and -ing openers in our work. We also have been working on using fronted adverbials and feelings for characters to create our own story prompts. Also, we have become direct speech experts and wrote conversations between the characters in our video. I've been so super impressed with the effort from 5R and I can't wait to read their stories next week! 


History - this week, we've enjoyed starting our History topic: Black and Asian historical figures. We enjoyed looking at historical photographs from the past and discussing what it tells us about the past. 

Monday 6th September - Friday 10th September 2021

Achievers of the week: Tayla -Mae and Tayon  (Focus: positive attitude)



This week, we've been enjoying watching the video: The Present and have had lots of fantastic and mature discussions this week. I've been extremely proud of how sensible and mature 5R have been and the excellent contributions and ideas they've brought to our English lessons. This week we've learnt: how to use apostrophes accurately and have been working on sequencing the main events of a story using different openers. We also have been looking at how our vocabulary can be used to interest the reader and create suspense. We looked at finding and using different words to describe a character's feelings and learnt how to use a thesaurus effectively. This week, we have also been learning how to use fronted adverbials for when and how. What a busy week!