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Autumn 1



What we will be learning in Autumn 1:

English -  Escape to Pompeii

Maths - Place value

Science - States of matter

History - Romans


Computing - Word processing and powerpoint

Physical Education - 

Religious Education - Hinduism



Values - Respect 

Learner Attitude - Self Manager

Week 8 (18th-21st October)

Achievers of the week: Reuben, Yuvraj and Amy.


This week it is STEM and English week. We have had so much fun in year 4 making a breakfast drink for Marcus Rashford! I am extremely proud of everyone's attitude towards the project. The children have been such brilliant team workers! We started off the project by reading a letter that was sent to school from Marcus. He asked us to make a delicious, healthy breakfast drink that he could eat on the way to football training. We designed our drink using criteria that Marcus set out for us. On Tuesday, we made our breakfast drinks! We all practised our chopping and blending skills! We tasted it and then evaluated it. In our English lessons we have been designing a leaflet to advertise our healthy smoothie. Here are some photos of our fabulous work! 

Week 7 (11th-15th October)

Achievers of the week: Maggie, Cham and Romaisa


This week a Roman soldier visited our school! His name was Mr B and he was brilliant! We took part in workshops to learn even more about how the Romans lived. Here are some photos of us dressing up as soldiers and throwing spears in battle!

Week 6 (4th-8th October)


Achievers of the week- Ella I, Egheose & Noah

It has been another busy week in 4H! There has been lots of new learning, especially in maths! We have been learning about negative numbers and Roman numerals which ties in very well with our history unit on the Romans! On Monday, we will have a special Roman expert in school who will do workshops with year 4 throughout the day. How exciting! Here is some wonderful work from: Bobby- Lee, Oliver & Bonnie E. 

Week 5 (27th September- 1st October)


Achievers of the week:  Rory, Leila and Oliver

It has been another busy week in 4H! The children are doing so well in all aspects of the curriculum in school and out. Swimming lessons are going brilliantly, keep up the hard work everyone! This week in science, we have planned an investigation about which temperature is the best to melt chocolate. We have been learning all about changing states! Here is a wonderful example of a plan from: Rory, Leila & Oliver. You will notice their amazing science vocabulary in their prediction. Wow!

Week 4 (20th-24th September)

Achievers of the week: Elizabeth and Luke

Respecting our bodies

This week in 4H we have been thinking about how we can respect our bodies. We discussed what we can do to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are amazing machines and we need to treat them properly in order to work! We know that eating the right foods and doing plenty of exercise are good ways to respect our bodies. As well as, getting plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water. In pairs and groups, we wrote a rap to encourage others to make healthy choices! Here is a photo of our class book! With some zoomed in examples from: Moony & Maggie, Luke & Romaisa and finally Elliot, Sebastien, Summer & Malaki.

Week 3 (13th-17th September)

Achievers of the week: Sienna, Summer and Bobby-Lee

It has been another very successful week again in 4H! Our first swimming lesson was brilliant! The children represented our school wonderfully. Well done 4H! This week we have been doing some challenging maths. We are currently working out way through our place value unit. As you can see, we are fantastic at responding to feedback to improve our work! Here are some wonderful examples from: Reuben, Elizabeth and Noah.

The Tortoise and the Hare

This week in 4H we learnt about the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. We thought about times when we feel like we excel at something and times when we feel like we have to work really hard to achieve our goals. We talked a lot about the importance of having a growth mind set. We know that mistakes are great because they mean that we are learning new things! 

Week 2  (6th-10th September)


Achievers of the week- Ama- Rose, Malaki and Moony. 

What another fantastic week 4H have had! Our focus for this week was showing a positive attitude and everybody in the class has achieved this. The children have also shown a great amount of courage when faced with new learning . I am very proud! 

This week in English we have been using adverbs and fronted adverbials in our writing to describe images from a video about a fox and a mouse. The children managed to come up with some very creative vocabulary! Here are some wonderful examples from Leila, Leo and Elliot. 

Week 1

What a fantastic first week 4H have had! I have been so impressed with their mature and sensible attitude towards their learning. They have worked as a team to earn lots of marbles for walking really sensibly around school and have been such good role models for our new year 3 pupils. Keep up the hard work! In R.E this week we have learnt about what is important to Hindu children. We thought about what things are important to us and why. Here are some wonderful examples!