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Autumn 1

What we will be learning in Autumn 1:

English Taking Flight, The Tear Thief and An Egyptian Cinderella 

Maths - Place value and Addition and Subtraction

Science - Animals including humans

History - Ancient Egyptians

Art - Printing in the style of Alaa Awaad

Computing - Word processing

Physical Education - Basketball/ Gymnastics

Religious Education - What do different people believe about God?

French - Greetings, Family

Music - Three Little Birds

Values - Respect 

Learner Attitude - Self Manager

Monday 18th October - Thursday 21st October


STEM week!

What a fabulous week we have had! As part of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) week, the bread company Hovis challenged us to design and create a brand new herby bread. We began the week with some amazing bread tasting to see which flavours and styles of bread we preferred. Then we conducted some market research to find out what other children in the school liked. Next, in our co-operative teams, we had to design our own bread and think carefully about the herbs we could use to create the best bread possible. In Science, we investigated two questions: 'how is butter made?' and 'why does bread rise?' - very interesting! We actually had a go at making our own butter using double cream and A LOT of shaking by the children. We think if we had more time, it definitely would have worked! Finally, we got to make the bread - yay! This involved mixing the ingredients together and kneading the bread, which was our favourite part. We were super excited to see the final outcome and more importantly to taste it. We each gave a review on our bread-it was like the Great British Bake Off!








Monday 11th October - Friday 15th October


Values, Attitudes and Well-Being

This week, we have been talking all about our emotions and how we might feel during certain situations. We have also spoken about the zones of regulation and what we can do to get ourselves back in the green zone. Have a look at 3D's 'little book of big feelings' in our class floor book.









After painting our sunset backgrounds last week, we had to print our pyramids onto the foreground. We used polystyrene to cut out our pyramids, score on 'bricks' to make them more realistic and then carefully paint them. We had a lot of instructions to follow to ensure they looked effective. 





This week in English, we started a new book called The Egyptian Cinderella, which links well with our Ancient Egyptian topic. We read the story together and explored lots of new vocabulary. At the end of the week, we also wrote a recount in role as Rhodopis, the Egyptian Cinderella. We really enjoyed this book and loved hearing about the twist on the traditional fairytale.




Monday 4th October - Friday 8th October


Values, Attitudes and Well-Being

We are super proud of our class floor book in 3D. We put a lot of effort into making it look amazing. Recently, we have written positive mirror messages to ourselves and promises to the environment.





This week, we have been looking at direct speech and how to punctuate it correctly using inverted commas. We tried to come up with different actions for each stage so we could remember them. 




Well-Being Wood

We made the most of the lovely weather this week and headed out to our Well-Being Wood. We loved exploring nature and building things with whatever we could find. We are so lucky to have this space in our school grounds.





Monday 27th September - Friday 1st October



This week, we were identifying word classes in a setting description to help us see what a great one looked like. We were able to magpie vocabulary we thought would be good in our own description. We showed good team worker skills and had to create a key for each word class. 







It was time for us to learn all about the mummification process -gruesome! We looked at each stage of the long process and how the Ancient Egyptians carefully preserved the body. Our personal favourite was when they removed the brains through the nose-ew! We had a go at mummfiying each other, which was lots of fun smiley







This week, we did some gymnastics, which delighted some of our keen gymnasts in the class! We talked about health and safety when doing gymnastics and how to look after the equipment. We practised balancing on large body parts with our partner then gave another pair feedback on how to improve. 






Monday 20th September - Friday 24th September


Mindfulness Monday

Today, 3D enjoyed the Cosmic Kids 'Zen Den'. We learned how to 'be the pond' and the fish were our feelings. Each Monday at VPJS, we all practise some mindfulness and finding different strategies to help us. One of our favourites is the 'five finger' breathing technique, which we can use to calm ourselves.





This week, as part of our Ancient Egyptians topic, we became archaeologists and had to dig for artefacts. We had to use our team worker to carefully extract the artefacts and inspect them closely. We also became curious questioners to find out where we thought they came from and who owned them. 








We had a slightly different P.E. lesson this week. We did our usual basketball lesson and played some 2 v 1 games then came into the hall for some dancing to celebrate Miss Daly's birthday (as requested by the children!). We had lots of fun and certainly used up a lot of energy with our funky dance moves.





 Monday 13th September - Friday 17th September


Values, Atittudes and Well-Being

At VPJS, each class has their own 'class floor book' where we showcase all the wonderful learning during Values, Attitudes and Well-Being lessons. We have already done so much for our book. Check out some of the work below. smiley




Well-Being Wood

We are so lucky to have our very own Well-Being Wood at our school. It is tucked away in a corner of the school grounds, which makes it even more special. This week, 3D got to go and explore it and discover lots of amazing nature. We had a wonderful time!





Finally the sun shone and we were able to do some basketball for P.E. We worked on dribbling and keeping control of the ball in different situations. We can't wait to progress our skills even further.





Hello! Bonjour! Dia duit! Ciao! Nǐ hǎo! Dzień dobry!


Wow! What an amazing week it has been in 3D! It feels like the children have been at the Juniors forever smiley They have been working their socks off in every lesson and they should be so proud of themselves - I am! Parents and Carers can check out this page each week to see what 3D have been upto smiley


Ozzy the Orangutan, Olive the Owl and Syd the Worry Monster

Ozzy is 3D's class mascot alongside his trusty sidekick Olive. They have been with Miss Daly for nearly three years now and she would be lost without them! These two furry friends are here to help all the children in 3D, whether it's listening to them read, helping with their work (Ozzy loves English!) or giving cuddles if we're feeling sad. 

Syd is 3D's worry monster. He is here to gobble up all our worries and make us smile again. We simply write all our worries on a piece of paper and put them in Syd's mouth for them to disappear!




We have been super busy in maths this week. We have been recapping our place value knowledge and partitioning two digit numbers. Check us out below using the place value counters.






This week in P.E. we started off with basketball and has just started our warm up when in typical Mancunian style it started to rain! We tried our best to continue but it got heavier and heavier so we retreated indoors for some yoga. We did Cosmic Kids 'Back to School' yoga, which was really good. It gave us some handy hints of what to do for starting back to school - move, breathe, believe! You can find this on Youtube and do some at home too. smiley