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Autumn 1



What we will be learning in Autumn 1:

English -  Taking Flight, The Tear Thief and An Egyptian Cinderella 

Maths - Place value and Addition and Subtraction

Science - Animals including humans

History - Ancient Egyptians

Art - Printing in the style of Alaa Awaad

Computing - Word processing

Physical Education - Basketball/ Gymnastics

Religious Education - What do different people believe about God?

French - Greetings


Values - Respect 

Learner Attitude - Self Manager

Monday 18th October - Thursday 21st October


It is hard to believe that we have already completed our first half term together at the Juniors, and what a wonderful half term it has been, and what a fabulous end to the first half term we have had!


It all began on Monday, when a special letter arrived addressed to Year 3, which had enclosed in it a letter from Hovis asking us to take on the role of mastery bakers and create a new type of herb flavoured bread. We were set a list of different tasks which we needed to complete: carry out product research; take part in a taste testing session; carry our market research; design their product; make the product and finally create an advertising campaign for it. We immediately took on the challenge and got stuck in! We worked through the list of tasks with great enthusiasm and real professionalism and as a result were extremely successful in completing the challenge: there are definitely some future "Great British Bakers" amongst us! It was also a great opportunity for us to show off our teamworker skills as we had to listen to each others ideas; take on different roles within the team and, on occasion, show our ability compromise.


To link in with our bread theme we also had great fun in science learning about how to activate yeast and what this means as well as investigating how we can make our own butter, which we did very successfully! We also had a little recap of our learning from Year 2 as we looked at what plants need in order to grow and learnt our new word of the day Photosynthesis. 


We have had a brilliant week this week, and we hope you enjoy looking at some of the photos whic showcase our learning and most importantly the bread that we produced! smiley

Carrying out our taste testing task!

Designing our new bread

Our bread products!

Our adverts

Our poster campaign

What do plants need to survive?

Monday 11th October - Friday 15th October


Can you believe that we are already near the end of the first half term in the Juniors! Hasn't time flown! This week we have, yet again, been very busy learning lots of new knowledge and applying this to our learning! In art, we finished off our Ancient Egyptian pictures, inspired by the artist Alaa Awaad. We had to design and make our own stamps out of polystrene and then carefully print them onto our watercolour sunset backgrounds. In English, we started our new book "The Egyptian Cinderella" and compared the similarities and differences to the traditional Cinderella story. Math has seen us working a lot with our learning partners this week, adding and subtracting numbers together using our knowledge of number bonds and partitioning to help us mentally calculate them. We have also begun to look at the formal written method, and using our place value counters to help us exchange where necessary. We became Ancient Egyptian scribers, as we learnt how to communicate using Hieroglyphics, ane enjoyed breaking different codes, and making our very own bookmark from papyrus paper. Finally, in science, we were looking at categorising animals based on whether they have an Endoskeleton, Exoskelton or a Hydroskeleton. 


Enjoy having a little look at some of the pictures of us in action smiley

Hard at work in maths

Our art work

Monday 4th October - Friday 8th October


It has been yet another busy week for us in 3O this week, with lots of wonderful learning happening! We have been giving our brains a really good work out this week: looking at punctuating speech accurately in English and applying this to our own short narrative; using different mental strategies to add and subtract numbers in maths, using our previous knowledge from Year 2 to help us; creating beautiful sunset backdrops with watercolours in art; investigating different beats and rhythm in music and scoring some "hoops" in PE to name but a few of the things we have learned this week. Another area which we excelled in was computing where we became experts at using Microsoft Word to type on, change the size and colour of the font, underline key information and even cut and paste bits! 


We also took some time out for ourselves this week and enjoyed some time in the Wellbeing Wood. During this time we came together with our friends and explored the outdoors and even accustomed ourselves with 2 rather large slugs smiley


We hope you enjoy having a look at some of the photos from this week smiley

Wellbeing Wood

Values and Attitudes - learning about self respect and what makes us fabulous!

Instructions on how to mummify an Ancient Egyptian body

Monday 27th September - Friday 1st October


We have, once again, been very busy bees this week with our learning and had a very action packed week! In maths, we have been continuing to look at place value and experimented with what splitting 100s into different equal groups. We then transferred our knowledge of this to help us read scales with different intervals. In English, we began to look at our new story "The Tear Thief" and looked at writing a setting description about the town in which she visits. As well as this, we also practiced identifying and using adverbs within our sentences. In art, we had lots of fun experimenting with different materials to find out which one made the best print: potato, card, cardboard or polystyrene. We will then use this information over the next few weeks to help us design and make our own stamp. We had a go at making our own life-sized skeletons in science, and learned about what some of the different bones in our bodies are called. In PE, we had our first gymnastic lessons, where some of us became the experts, and even had to show Mr Moroney what to do! smiley 

Experimenting with different printing materials

Showing off our gynmastic skills

Our skeletons

Monday 20th September - Friday 24th September


What another wonderful week we have had in 3O this week! As ever it has been action packed with lots of exciting learning and lots of fun and laughter along the way! We have continued our time travelling back to the Ancient Egyptian civilisation this week, as we took on the role of being archeologists. We took part in our own excavation: discovering artefacts and using our curious questioner and teamworker skills to explore what we thought these could be, their purpose, and whether we have anything similar to it today. In science we continued our learning about a healthy balanced diet, and produced our own healthy looking plates. We also impressed both Miss O'Toole and Mrs Campbell with our high quality homelearning! In English, we have taken on the role of authors as we planned and wrote our very own adventure stories - we even showed off by including expanded noun phrases and prepositions! In our values lessons, we have looked at some of the skills we need to be good "Self-Managers", we focused on ways in which we can help keep ourselves organised and designed our own checklists to help us. We also spent some time with our Yr 6 buddies, getting to know each other a little bit and playing some games - this was definitely our highlight of the week! 


As you can see we have been very busy bees! Enjoying having a little sneek peek at us in action smiley

Our excavation!

Monday 13th September - Friday 17th September


Well it has been another action packed week this week in 3O, and I think we are all glad it's Friday!


In English, we have been looking at different word classes and have been challenging ourselves to use prepositions, and adjectives in our sentences to a describe characters. In maths, we have continued to look at place value, moving up to looking at 3 digit numbers; partitioning them in different ways and understanding that 10 10s are equivalent to 100 and how this can help us make larger numbers. We also time travelled back around 5000 years to the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. We began by using our thinking and reasoning skills to infer what we could learn about them from different pictures, and then had some fun learning a new song and making up some dance moves to it. In PE, we continued with our Basketball topic, looking at controlling the ball whilst we moved. We also made the most of the sunshine and headed out to our Wellbeing Wood for a bit of timeout with nature!

Our conjunction posters

Exploring the equivalence between 10s and 100s

Monday 6th September - Friday 10th September


Well, what a fabulous first week back we have had this week! It has been lovely to have the classroom full of fun, laughter and chatter once again and the children have really enjoyed being back with their friends, which has been wonderful to see smiley Even though we have only been back a week, we have all settled in extremely well and all of the staff at VPJS are so proud of all of the children.


It has been a very busy week, we have certainly been busy bees! Not only have we been busy learning new routines, our way around school and new faces but we have also been busy with English, maths, values, PE, science and music! In English, we have been looking at writing our own adventure story based on a little clip from Mary Poppins returns. Maths has seen us recapping some of our learning from Year 2, as we have been partitioning 2 digit numbers and exploring the many different ways in which we can do this. We have also had lots of fun practising our times tables through Times Tables Rockstars and bingo. In science, we began to answer our big question "What helps us to move and grow?". We have also spent a lot of time this week talking about our school value for this half term which is respect. We discussed what it meant to us, why it is important value and the many different ways in which we can show it both in school and in the wider community. 


Enjoy having a little look at us in action, and at some of the work that we have produced smiley

Maths - using our place value counters to help us partition 2 digit numbers

Our posters on ways we can show respect