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Autumn 1



What we will be learning in Autumn 1:

English - Into the forest/ Cloud Tea Monkeys

Maths - Number and place value

Science - States of matter

Geography - India

Art - Abstract art based on work by Indian artist S.H Raza

Computing - Digital literacy - staying safe online

Physical Education - Tennis

Religious Education - Hinduism

French - Playtime


Values / attitudes - Self Manager / Respect 

The Tortoise and the Hare

This week in 4H we learnt about the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. We thought about times when we feel like we excel at something and times when we feel like we have to work really hard to achieve our goals. We talked a lot about the importance of having a growth mind set. We know that mistakes are great because they mean that we are learning new things! 

Week 4


Our Geography topic this half term is India. We have been doing lots of map work over the past few weeks to locate where India is in the world and what countries surround it. This week we learnt about the world's climate zones. Here are some wonderful examples from: Ella, Inaaya and Edward! 

Spiky the hedgehog!

As some of you will know, 4H found a hedgehog in the school field on Tuesday! It was quite an eventful afternoon! The children quickly identified that the hedgehog was injured and showed lots of kindness and respect towards him/her, which was very impressive. Our wonderful teaching assistant Mrs Williams took the hedgehog to a rescue centre to be checked over by a vet so hopefully he can be released into the wild soon! Great teamwork 4H! 

Week 3


This week in maths we have been deepening our knowledge of place value. We have been focusing particularly on rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred. We have been discussing the importance of making mistakes in order to learn new things! Here are some examples of our maths work from this week by Oliver, Rajdeep and Mabel. You will notice that the children have responded to feedback in purple pen. 

Week 2  

Into the forest

This week in English, we have learnt a new text by Antony Browne called Into the Forest. We worked hard on some expanded noun phrases! Here are some examples of our work by Esmae, Dawood and Arinas!

Week 2 

Values and attitudes

This week we have done our first piece of work in our new class book. We discussed what we know about what respect means and thought about different ways of showing respect.