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Aspirations Week

Aspirations Week


What is Aspirations Week? 


Aspirations week at Victoria Park Junior School is a chance for all the children to start thinking about what they might like to be when they are older.  By providing them with different guest speakers and activities throughout the week, we aim to encourage the children to consider a rewarding career they can aspire to...


Our main objective of Aspirations Week was to deliver a Business Opportunity Project to the children which was funded and supported by 'Virgin Money Young Entrepreneurs - Make £5 Grow!' Each class had to compete against each other to make the most profit and then decide how to spend it!


In order to do this, the children had to :  

design       pitch       present       market     advertise       create       package       calculate       sell       perform       produce


Every child played to their strength and was involved in one of the following teams

Management - to present ideas and a business plan;

Production -   a creative bunch to make the products;

Marketing -   to promote/advertise the campaign;

Finance -      to calculate costs, price product, pay back loan and count the profits!

Sales -        the 'Del Boys' of the class! 


The whole week culminated with a fabulous 'Market Day' in the school hall where all the Sales teams were given the opportunity to sell their products of Popcorn, Sock Monkeys, Lollipops, Cakes, Milk Shakes, Fancy Dress Videos and a Wet Sponge Competition to the rest of the school. An amazing afternoon was had by all and the winners were announced in a presentation assembly the following day by a Virgin Money representative. 

What did each Year Group decide to do?


Year 3 popped all afternoon with their popcorn selling!

Year 4 made delicious cakes and sold them...yum!

Year 5's made lollipops which went down a treat!

Year 6 had a swinging time making and selling their sock monkeys!

And the winners were...4B!!!