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What is pentomino art?


pentomino is a polygon made of 5 equal-sized squares connected edge-to-edge.  There are 12 different pentominoes but when reflections are considered, there are 18 pentominoes and when rotations are also considered, there are 63 pentominoes!


Pentomino tiling puzzles and games are popular in recreational mathematics. Usually, video games such as Tetris imitations and Rampart consider mirror reflections to be distinct, and thus use the full set of 18 one-sided pentominoes.


What you need to do for pentomino art?


  • You need to carefully cut out the templates here. Then arrange them in any way you like to represent animals, objects or just about anything!
  • Use the coloured tiles or the outline tiles that you can colour yourself.
  • Remember not to overlap any tiles and use each of the tile shapes only once in each design.
  • Stick your creations onto art paper.



Challenge: Can you use all 12 shapes in each of your designs? How many different

                  designs can you create?


Click to download and print...


Watch the video and have a go at how many shapes/objects you can use...