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What you'll need:

piece of plain paper





WALT: create a tessellation art piece


Tessellation refers to a pattern of 2D shapes which fit perfectly together, without any gaps. A common real-life example of tessellation would be floor tiles.









What is Tessellation?

In Maths, tessellation is an important part of the 2D Shapes topic.

Tessellated shapes are 2D shapes which fit exactly together, through the shapes do not have to be the same.


A tessellated pattern can be created with triangles as in the picture above.

However, you can also use mixed shapes to create tessellating patterns, such as triangles and hexagons or triangles and squares.

The only rule is that the sides must all sit flush against one another, leaving no gaps or empty spaces at all.


Tesselation also features in History and Art.

Traditional art forms such as Ancient Greek mosaics, Spanish ceramic tiles and stained glass windows often used tessellated patterns.


The Dutch artist M.C. Escher featured tessellated patterns in many of his most famous works, such as Metamorphosis I (1937) and Bird Fish (1937).






How to create your own tessellation pattern



Decide on a pattern you will use to tessellate.

You could draw a shape, cut it out and then use it to place on your paper and draw around it.

Or you could find a small object / shape in your house and draw around it.


2. To create your tessellation design, take a piece of paper and place the template in the middle of the paper. Draw around it very carefully. Now, move the template to the right or left of your outline and make sure it fits perfectly without any gaps or overlapping. You might find that when you move your template above or to the side of the original outline, it doesn’t completely fit on the page. This doesn’t matter, just draw around what you can before going off the edge of the paper.



Continue filling the whole sheet of paper with your design.

Finally, choose different colours to colour in your tessellation. Two alternate colours will work well and really make your design stand out.