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Tingatinga paintings


Read through the information below and then have a go at creating your own Tingatinga inspired art.

Tingatinga paintings originated in Tanzania by the artist Edward Saidi Tingatinga in 1968. Edward began his work painting under a Baobob tree. His work consisted of bright, bold colours, simplistic designs, inspired by his surroundings.



Tingatinga paintings are known for using an impressionist style of work, revealing the beauty of Africa.
Tingatinga expresses the unique, vibrant and eye-catching, bold, colours of Africa, in their compositions. 
Distorted images are used in the creation of the original African animals.





What is the first thing that grabs your attention?
What do you notice about the colours? 
How are lines and shapes used in this composition?
Can you explain what the theme is, in each work?
Would you describe these paintings as realistic or abstract?


Tinga Tinga