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This week we are going to have a look at the artist Banksy and create some of our own artwork which has been influenced by his style. Banksy is a famous graffiti artist who has created many wonderful pieces of artwork across the UK, without ever being spotted. 


Have a look through the powerpoint to find out more information about him and his style, if you wish to you can carry out further research, and then we would like you to create your own piece of artwork. We would like you to think about how you can convey equality in your piece, so think about colours, images, motifs etc. 


Don't forget we love seeing the work you have created, so send in your graffiti artwork once you have completed it smiley

If you wish to further your learning, then you could also research about other graffiti artists and compare their style to Banksy's; what's the same about it, how does if differ to his style?


Can you find any Manchester based artists?