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Victorian Silhouette Portrait


Have a go at creating your own silhouette portrait.





1. Take a photograph from the side of your head and shoulders. If using a digital camera and downloading onto a computer, print out the photo onto ordinary printer paper because you are going to cut it up.

(If you don't have a printer- then try sketching from your photograph)


2. Cut the image out

3. Place the cut-out onto some black paper or card and draw around it using the pencil.


4. Cut the silhouette portrait out of the black card.


5. Cut a piece of coloured paper/card in an oval shape so that the black cut-out fits comfortably in the centre and glue in place


6. You can glue this oval onto a slightly larger oval in a different colour if you like


7. Cut a piece of white or coloured paper/card to fit the frame and again using the PVA glue stick your framed portrait onto the centre of it.


Victoria Portrait Tutorial