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A day in the life of...

A day in the life of a Victoria Park Junior School Student


From half past eight to ten to nine in the morning, every student gets the opportunity to come into school to catch up on work, complete mental maths, read quietly, chat sensibly with friends or take part in our fantastically energetic 'Wake Up - Shake Up' club.  This helps children to banish the early morning sleepiness and gets them raring to go for their day of learning (video below). There are also early morning sports clubs coached by professional coaches that start at 8:00am and finish at 8:45am. Then when the bell rings at 8:50 am, the class teacher does the register and the school starts officially!


After the register, we split up into our maths sets (or, if it is a Thursday, English or assembly if it is a Wednesday).In Maths we sometimes get a maths book and solve the questions in the book or we have some fun by playing games like 21's. If it is a Monday, then we mark last week’s mental maths test with our book level group. Following Maths is a 15 minute break to get some fresh air, have a chat with our friends, have a run around or eat a piece of fruit. Then we split for the next lesson which is normally English (or maths if it is Thursday).


In English we have a topic or book that we focus on all half-term and do work related to it. If English was on a Thursday, we would be doing Creative Writing (which is a piece of planned writing we do in our Creative Writing books). In the period between English and lunchtime, we sometimes have guided reading, P.E, assembly or diaries, depending on which day it is.


Then it is lunchtime from either 12:00 till 1:00 (years 3 and 4) or 12:15 till 1:15 (years 5 and 6). There are also various choices of lunchtime activities that students can take part in. Some examples of the activities available are: guitar lessons, year 3 choir, dance and football practice sessions. For lunch, you can either have a packed lunch or a delicious school dinner.


After lunch, there are many different lessons like: P.E (where we play all sorts of sports and games), Topic (which is either History, Geography, Art or another subject that varies every half-term), ICT, Music, or on a Friday we have golden time if we have completed all homework and mental maths.


To finish off the week, we have an achievers assembly where each class teacher picks two or three children who have done especially well that week. Then, finally, after a long day’s work, it is home time and every child goes home unless they have an after school club like code club (on a Monday), rounders (on Wednesday), choir (on Thursday) and zumba (on a Friday). Overall, the school day is very busy and enjoyable.


By Lauren Ardley and Elin Howarth. 


Wake Up! Shake Up!

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