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Thursday 30/04/20


Warming our brains up this morning with a recap on reading timetables and finding the difference between given times. 


Have go at the questions in the document below - how quickly can you answer them?

Making your maths game


Don't forget  you should be continuing to work on your maths game today! If you do feel that you've already got one game finished, then challenge yourself to make another one, or spend some time playing it with members of your family (if time permits)smiley

Reading - 10 minute challenge


Quick - fire reading activity! Read the little extract from "The Railway Children" and then answer the 4 questions.

The Railway Children


Here are the spellings for year 5 and 6.

Using the 'Spelling menu', choose different ways to learn 20 of the year 5 and 6 spellings.

Using the power point below, revise grammar terminology.  How much money can you win?

Deal or No Deal Grammar revision


Complete the 4 mini activities below.