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Wednesday 29/04/20



Let's warm our brains up with a little bit of "Magical Maths", inspired by Harry Potter.


Below you will find the price list of items you can buy in "Flourish and Blotts" and "Honeydukes". Using this answer the different questions to work out the cost of the different shopping lists.

Making your own maths game


Over the next two days, we would like to you create and make your very own maths games which can involve any area of maths you wish i.e. times tables, fractions, money, statistics, ratio, angles or a combination of them all etc. 


You can choose what style of game you wish to make (electronic version, board game, card based etc).


Some examples; Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, snakes and ladders with questions you have to answer before you climb the ladder, arithmetic style board game, snap (which calculations give you the same answer) or a loop game. 


The possibilities are endless, and we are sure you can create some really exciting games! Don't forget to send these in to us and we will use them as our starter games for next week yes



Spellings - Battle Ships

It's time to battle! For this activity you will need a battling partner (ask a parent or a sibling if they're up for the challenge). 


Choosing 8 of the words below, place them on the grid (if you can't print the grid out then you may have to draw it out on a piece of paper). Your words can go horizontally, diagonally or vertically.


Spellings: ancient, cemetery, criticise, equipped, government, leisure, opportunity, recognise, sincerely, variety, appreciate, communicate, definite, exaggerate, harass, marvellous, persuade, relevant, stomach and vehicle


Printable version


Read the text 'Charles Darwin' again.



Charles Darwin 


Match the information.

True or False?

Read the sentences.  Which sentences are true and which are false?



Number the statements from 1 to 5 to show the order the occur in the text.  Look at the first line of each paragraph to help you.






Spot the mistakes.  

There are 34 mistakes in this school newsletter.  Identify each mistake and write the correction above the error.