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Tuesday 28/04/20



Let's warm our brains up with another game of "Who wants to be a Millionaire". Can you correctly answer all the questions to win yourselves £1,000,000?

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire



Today we are going to have a go at applying all the learning we have done so far and work through a range of different questions.


Remember, some of these will seem really easy - that's because they are; some you may find a little trickier but have a go and use the space to do the working out.


Try to allow yourself just 40 minutes to answer all the questions! smiley

Reasoning questions

Reading - PEE practise


Let's practise those tricky 3 mark questions which involve us using the PEE structure to answer them. 


Read the short extract below and then answer the question below.

WWII Evacuation extract

Question time


Passive and Active Voice; complete the activities below.