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Thursday 16/04/2020


Let's warm our brains up, and refresh Fractions!

Can you go all the way and win £1,000,000?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire


Angles - Introducing angles


Start by watching the White Rose lesson, (lesson 4)

Let's get started

A bit more practice

Now it's your turn! (There are Working Towards, Expected and Greater Depth questions to choose from)



Focusing on the description of Ollivanders; draw a picture of what you think the shop looks like and label with description.  


What do you notice about the way in which it is described?

What is the effect of the description?


Read the poem  - The Tyger by William Blake and have a go at answering the comprehension questions about it.

Remember to look up any of the words your unsure about and make a note of them in your reading record!


Extension: You could have a little bit of fun with this and have a go at performing it to your family afterwards :)