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Friday 01/05/2020

Maths - Challenge Friday

To mark the end of another week, we thought we'd have a bit of a problem solving/challenge Friday!


Below you will find 6 different problems, some number based, some shape based - have a go at working through them and see if you can solve them all.


If you wish to make it a little more exciting, you could maybe pop different questions around the house and time yourself moving around each room finding and solving the questions. Or you could make your own escape room and set a timer to answer each question in to be allowed to leave the room the question is in.




Let's have a look at words which have the the prefix "Over" added to them. 


Your task is to write a short story.  Your short story should include:

  • 2 characters from different stories e.g Harry Potter and the Demon Dentist
  • an interesting, descriptive setting
  • a problem or exciting event
  • resolution of the problem

We would like you to email your short stories to


Can you find other words which have the prefix "Over" in them. Have a go at scrambling the letters up and maybe you could test members of your family to work them out.




This week we are going to move our learning on to having a look at colours in Spanish. Have a listen to the video to help you with the pronunciation of the words and then see if you can fill in the missing letters, to correctly spell the words.

Spanish Colors | Spanish for Kids

Fill in the missing letters