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Year 6

Report Comments – Year 6 – Pupils


  • I am very pleased with my report and sad to be leaving this school. I hope that I achieve great things in high school.
  • It is probably the best report I’ve ever had!
  • I am very proud of my achievements this year. I have tried hard with all my subjects and have really enjoyed it.
  • I’m impressed with everything!
  • I am pleased that I have learned to cope well under pressure and work in a group.
  • I am pleased with my report, because I tried hard in every subject especially in maths.
  • I am very proud of my report and what I have achieved. I will continue to try my best at high school.
  • I think that my report is very good and it was the truth!


Report Comments – Year 6 – Parents/Carers


  • She is sad to be leaving VPJS but we know that she will continue to meet the challenges ahead.
  • We are very pleased with his hard work this year.
  • He has really tried to work hard this year and the results speak for themselves.
  • I am very pleased with the progress he has made this year. He has been encouraged by all staff, which has helped him greatly. I feel all this has helped him get ready for his senior school.
  • I’m very impressed with her report – she has improved greatly.
  • Thank-you for my targets to help me in the future.
  • Thank you for this detailed report; it is obvious how well you know the children and care about their happiness and their development. We are so grateful to everyone for four wonderful years of nurturing and inspiration. Well done VPJS!
  • We are very happy with the progress that she has made.
  • I am very pleased with his report and he has worked very hard this year.
  • We are very pleased with his achievements this year, due to his hard work and dedication even when things got tough.
  • He has had an amazing time in year 6. His confidence has grown and he has started to believe in himself and what he is capable of.
  • She has worked very hard and I am extremely proud of her results. She has gained a lot more confidence and had enjoyed her final year.
  • I am extremely proud of the progress that she has made. A very big thanks to all the teachers for all the support and help over the years.
  • We are extremely excited about her move to secondary school and know with the skills she has gained in VPJS, she will do well.
  • We are really pleased with his progress in year 6 especially in maths. He has gained in confidence.