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Year 6

Report Comments – Year 6 – Pupils


  • I am going to miss you all so much.
  • I think this year that I have put 100% effort into the subjects I find difficult.
  • I am especially happy with my writing, because I think I have worked really hard.
  • I agree with what I have to work on and I will try to achieve it at high school.
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed year 6 and thanks for teaching me many things that will come in handy in the future.
  • I love my report, because I have been working hard.
  • I am very happy with my results in my SATs and everything else that I have achieved.
  • I really struggled with maths but managed to achieve great scores. As much as I wish it could, I don’t think that high school could beat VPJS!
  • I am happy with the progress that I have made, especially in maths.
  • I have enjoyed every moment in this school.
  • I have achieved lots this year and improved in all subjects.
  • I challenged myself to improve in all subjects and I did this.
  • My maths has improved since the start of the year.
  • I was really pleased with my SATs results, because I feel that I have worked hard (especially to get greater depth in my writing).
  • I like that Miss O’Toole has written personal comments about my learning.



Report Comments – Year 6 – Parents/Carers


  • Thank you to all the staff for working with her so that she can achieve her goals.
  • We are extremely happy with everything she has achieved up to this point. The standard of overall education at VPJS is excellent.
  • Although I am excited for him moving on to a new school, I also feel very sad that he is leaving a very good school, with excellent support which has made him into a very special young man.
  • We were pleased to see comments which not only reflected upon her academic achievements but also on her values, qualities and attitudes.
  • She has had a fantastic time at VPJS and we would like to thank the whole team.
  • He has really enjoyed English this year and this demonstrates how good teachers can inspire children in topics they usually find hard or boring.
  • We are very pleased that she has achieved many of her goals in year 6 and how much she has improved her handwriting.
  • Thank you to everyone at VPJS for everything. She has loved her time here and I know that she will cherish her memories for a long time.
  • He could not have done this without the fantastic support of all the teachers that have worked with him.
  • We are very happy and satisfied for what she has achieved at school. She can’t do it without the help and guidance from all the teachers.