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Year 5

Report Comments – Year 5 – Pupils


  • I have had so much fun in year 5. I am happy that I achieved my pen licence. Thanks for helping me.
  • I feel that I have achieved my goals.
  • I am very proud of what I have achieved in year 5.
  • I am very pleased with myself and it shows that all my hard work has paid off.
  • Miss Rudman makes learning fun!
  • I am really happy with all of my results and enjoyed reading my report.
  • This year I have tried hard to put my hand up.
  • Thanks for being a great teacher all year round.
  • Next year, I will read my work more carefully.
  • I am proud of my report outcome and I will try hard to improve my handwriting.
  • This year, I think that I have improved.
  • I think I had a wonderful report. Thank-you Mr Finn.
  • I am really pleased with my comments and scores and I will work on my targets.


Report Comments – Year 5 – Parents/Carers


  • We are very proud of him this year.  He has worked to the best of his ability.
  • Thank-you to Miss Rudman, he has really enjoyed being in your class.
  • We are delighted to see how much progress he has made this year.
  • A super report. Thank-you so much to everyone in year 5.
  • She is definitely making progress in the right direction.
  • I am really pleased with the progress that she has made especially with her maths.
  • The report is a truthful and accurate record of her achievements. Her efforts and those of her teachers are to be commended.
  • A fantastic report – she has really enjoyed writing this year.
  • I am very proud of the progress that my daughter has made in such a short period

      of time.

  • I am so proud of her report.  I think that she is improving and loves school very much.
  • Since the second half of the year, her confidence has increased.  She shows little interest with her homework.
  • I am really proud of the progress that he has made this year.
  • We are delighted with his report and very proud of him.  While it is pleasing that he has done well in his test results what is just as pleasing are all the positive comments about his thoughtful comments and contributions, as well as him listening to others.  He gets plenty of fun out of school!
  • He is interested in learning and it reflects in his work.
  • I am pleased with the progress that she has made.  She has been very enthusiastic this year and more confident in asking questions and joining in class discussions.  She has enjoyed having Mr Finn as her teacher
  • I am very pleased to find that she has done so well this year and has been sharing

      her enthusiasm with her family.  Thank-you so much for teaching her!

  • Overall, I think that it is a very honest report.  We will encourage her as much as we can.
  • We are very pleased with the progress that he has made throughout the year.
  • The extra help has helped her a lot.
  • She is a hard-working girl and I am a very proud dad!