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Year 5

Report Comments – Year 5 – Pupils


  • This year I have most enjoyed reading all the wonderful books. Miss Butterworth has opened my eyes to a new world of books. Now I will try hard to pick a range of books rather than the same ones every week.
  • I am so happy with my report and I found it very pleasing to read.
  • I especially liked the teachers comment and I enjoyed learning to play the trumpet.
  • I have liked being the school councillor and hope to become a reading ambassador.
  • I know that I need to start checking over my work.
  • My year 5 report is one of the best reports I’ve ever had!
  • I am really proud that I got above in maths.
  • I am glad that my teachers think that I am sensible and hard working all of the time.
  • This has been a really good year.
  • I have really enjoyed everything this year.
  • My favourite trip was going to Spaceport.
  • I am so proud of my reports and so are my parents.
  • I have enjoyed every subject and I think I have improved by a vast amount.
  • I am very proud of my goals this year and how much I have improved since September.


Report Comments – Year 5 – Parents/Carers


  • It is wonderful to read about her fabulous progress, her enthusiasm and her teamwork. The teachers have developed her love of learning and confidence.
  • We are particularly pleased that she has started to like and do well at maths as she used to dread it!
  • She is very happy to be part of VPJS and has made significant improvements in maths.
  • I am very proud of her report, especially her growth in maths as I know that she has been struggling a little bit.
  • It was lovely to read the comments about his confidence growing in class.
  • I am really pleased with her report. Thanks for all your help and support throughout the year.
  • I am especially pleased to know that he has been taking a lead in class projects and that his confidence is growing.
  • I am really pleased that he has started to enjoy reading and he has grown in confidence with his writing skills.
  • Her confidence has grown and I am pleased with how she is tackling things on her own.
  • He has loved being in year 5 and has come a long way.
  • To read the comments and his achievements proves the gentle nudge we’ve been giving (home and school) has pushed him in the right direction.
  • She has been really inspired by Miss Butterworth’s equal love of reading.