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Year 5

Report Comments – Year 5 – Pupils


  • I really liked my report, especially the line, “He has demonstrated his enthusiasm for learning and put in 100%.”
  • I do know that this year, I have worked incredibly hard in maths.
  • Next year, I need to work on my writing and spelling.
  • I think that I have improved a lot throughout the year.
  • I am very proud of myself and I can’t wait for more learning.
  • I am pleased and proud student at VPJS.
  • I am impressed with myself for that report.
  • I have really enjoyed being in year 5.
  • I know I need to concentrate more and I want to keep working hard to improve.
  • I am pleased with my results and I know that I need to check my work when I am finished.
  • I am very proud of all my hard work. My favourite subject was music, because I got to play the ukulele.
  • I think that year 5 has been my best year so far.


Report Comments – Year 5 – Parents/Carers


  • He has improved a lot. If he puts all of his energy in to his work, he will have no limits.
  • I would like to thank everyone for their hard work.
  • I’m very pleased with the change in her attitude this year and the progress that she has made.
  • She gets very excited over many of her school projects.
  • I am very pleased with her progress and she has developed her confidence. She has made excellent progress in year 5.
  • As parents we are grateful for all of the teachers.
  • It was an absolute delight to read her report. All the hard work and effort has paid off to achieve such an outstanding report.
  • I am happy with his progress and that he had been listening to your advice.
  • He has really enjoyed year 5 and he has particularly liked all of the topics.
  • I am very pleased with the progress that he has made throughout the school year. We will make sure he works at his targets.
  • We are extremely pleased with how well she has settled into VPJS and that she is enjoying school and progressing well.
  • We are very pleased he has made good improvements in his maths and especially in his art and science.
  • I would like to thank all the adults for their help and encouragement.
  • I am pleased that she has improved with her concentration and written work. She has enjoyed herself in year 5.
  • I am pleased with the improvements that my child has made.
  • We can see how mature he has become through year 5 and appreciate all the support the teachers have given him.