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Year 4

Report Comments – Year 4 – Pupils


  • I have noticed that from year 3 that I have improved my confidence, because I can now share my ideas.
  • I have enjoyed my learning in year 4.
  • I am very happy with my report and I have enjoyed school this year.
  • Year 4 has been great for me!
  • I have enjoyed being in year 4.  I liked the Indian and Viking days.
  • I am very happy with my work this year.
  • I think that I have achieved a lot this year!
  • This report is excellent and well done to myself. I have really enjoyed year 4.
  • I have improved with my reading.
  • I think that I can do better with my maths and reading.
  • My new target for year 5 is to write neatly.
  • I am very impressed with my report.
  • I am absolutely amazed by my reading score. Thank-you Miss Evans.
  • I think that I have improved a lot in year 4. It has been the best year!
  • I am proud of my report.  I have enjoyed English, especially writing.  I am going to

      try my best to put my hand up more in maths.


Report Comments – Year 4 – Parents/Carers


  • This is a wonderful report.  She loves coming to school and we are very happy with her progress and her enthusiasm for learning.
  • I am thrilled with his report! He needs to work on building his self-confidence.
  • He enjoys going to school and would like to thank all of the teachers for their hard work.
  • We are very pleased and proud with the progress he has made across all subjects.  He really enjoys school life and it is good to see that this is reflected in the positive comments.
  • His confidence has improved a lot.
  • He has come on leaps and bounds with his behaviour.  Miss Butterworth has been brilliant with him!
  • The report is a wonderful celebration of her achievements, enabled by such a supportive teaching team.
  • Thank-you for all of your hard work, she absolutely loves school!
  • I have noticed her confidence shining through and she is always sharing what she has learnt at home.
  • He has really enjoyed his time and I am very pleased with his progress. I would like

      to thank the staff for making the school a happy and safe place.

  • She is always trying hard to improve her work and is aware that she needs to improve   her levels of concentration.
  •  We know that she can do it as we have seen evidence in her beautiful topic books.
  • Another excellent report – well done on your progress and effort in all subjects.
  • She has improved in all areas of the curriculum.
  • She needs to work harder in maths.
  • I was really pleased to read his excellent school report – especially his ability to

      work in and lead a team. I look forward to seeing what he can achieve in year 5 at

      this excellent and nurturing school.

  • Let’s hope that he has a better year 5 and makes the right choices.
  • He has loved coming to school this year so a big thanks Miss Evans.  He talks enthusiastically about his topics, sports and art.
  • He works consistently well and enjoys his school work.
  • His report is excellent this year and he has started to push himself a little more. He has gained confidence in reading and is choosing more challenging books.
  • We are pleased with his progress in English.  Thank-you to Mr Tebbutt who has developed his skills and passion in this subject.
  • We are really pleased with her report, she has really enjoyed year 4.