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Year 4

Report Comments – Year 4 – Pupils


  • I am really happy with my report, because in all of my subjects I got, ‘Always tries hard.’
  • I have enjoyed being part of 4E. I am proud of my progress and all my achievements.
  • I am pleased with my report and I know that I can improve my maths.
  • I have seen my improvements in maths and English.
  • I am happy with my results and will listen to all the advice that I have been given.
  • I will continue to work on my spellings and times tables.
  • I now know what to improve and these will be my main priorities in year 5.
  • I think my most improved subject is English where I have learnt how to use fronted adverbial phrases and expanded noun phrases.
  • I think that I have improved a lot in year 4. I will focus on my handwriting and presentation as lots of people are talking about it.
  • I’m very proud of my report and I’m very pleased with my progress.
  • I have tried hard with my learning this year.
  • This year I have really enjoyed maths, English, and P.E. but next year I will improve my reading.
  • I am pleased with my spellings as I have worked really hard on them.
  • I really enjoyed my report and I will work hard to achieve my targets.
  • In year 5, I want to get a high standard in every subject!
  • I have awfully enjoyed my time at VPJS. I want to thanks all the adults for caring, loving and teaching me so well.


Report Comments – Year 4 – Parents/Carers


  • The most important thing for us as parents is to know that he is in good hands and that he is happy and safe in the school environment, which I am pleased to say he is!
  • I am extremely proud with the progress that she has made this year.
  • I can definitely see the improvement in her maths skills from the start of the year to now. It’s nice to see her passion of reading and writing also shows at school.
  • I am delighted to read her report. I am glad to be one of the parents whose daughter attends VPJS.
  • Absolutely thrilled to see that she is a diligent student and has put in some great improvements this year.
  • Thank you for the support and guidance with her learning.
  • We are proud of him for doing so well this year.
  • Thank you all at VPJS for your care and educational support. She has come on leaps and bounds this year.
  • Many thanks for providing her with so many great learning experiences and fun times.
  • I am really pleased with his progress this year and his confidence has grown throughout the year.
  • Great to hear that she’s more confident and put 100% in to all her subjects.
  • What a super report! Never have I been more pleased with everyone concerned at VPJS so thank you to you all.
  • Thank you for enthusing her to reach her potential.
  • He has made the decision to read every night so he can improve his English.
  • We are pleased with his progress this year, in particular the improvement he has made in taking a lead role in group activities.
  • We are extremely happy with her progress this year and her continued increased self-confidence, highlighted by her performance in the school Christmas production.
  • We have observed a significant improvement in my child’s progress and academic achievements since joining VPJS. Thanks to all the teacher and staff who have encouraged my child in this great institute.