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Year 4

Report Comments – Year 4 – Pupils


  • Thank you for inspiring me to always have a go, even if I find it hard.
  • Honestly, I never knew my report would be so good!
  • I am especially proud of my progress in writing.
  • I think that I have done well this year and tried my best in all subjects.
  • I think that I have improved in maths.
  • I think that the knowledge that you have given me will help me in year 5.
  • I have developed a lot this year and have loved being in 4R.
  • I have been very pleased with year 4.
  • I enjoyed reading my report and I will take your advice to read more challenging books.
  • I will continue to do my best.
  • I have achieved year 4 and felt like I have progressed in many subjects.
  • I am proud of all my results.
  • Next year I will try not to be distracted and I will work harder in every subject.
  • I am so amazed by my maths.
  • I have enjoyed doing experiments in science.
  • I am bursting with joy about my report.


Report Comments – Year 4 – Parents/Carers


  • I am extremely proud of her achievements this year. It has been a rocky road with a lot going on away from school but your support for both myself and her has been outstanding.
  • We wanted to formally acknowledge how grateful we are to Miss Rowlands for continuing to encourage and support her – she has been a real inspiration.
  • I was delighted to read the report and could see that there has been a huge improvement in her writing and maths.
  • I am delighted by this positive report and am pleased by his progress.
  • He has really enjoyed year 4.
  • Her report was brilliant! I am glad that she is doing better this year.
  • Thank you to everyone for a super year.
  • I am really pleased with his report and the progression that he has made.
  • We are thrilled with how much progress she has made especially in English and maths. Keep it up in year 5!
  • It has been a pleasure watching her progress this year, along with her growing maturity is reflected in her excellent report.
  • Thank you for all your support you have given him and encouraging him to enjoy learning again.
  • It is fantastic to see his academic attainment but also to read the positive comments about his social interactions and contributions to his class.
  • Thank you to all members of staff for creating a positive environment for his time in year 4.
  • She has really thrived in year 4 and has definitely increased in confidence, particularly in maths.
  • We will be working together to make sure that her spellings and punctuation improve.
  • We are very thankful for the support and nurture that she gets in school.
  • Thank you for supporting her and giving her confidence she needs to grow.
  • Thank you for making him feel so welcome at VPJS.
  • Not only has she improved academically but her confidence has rocketed!
  • He enjoys school and I am pleased with his progress this year.