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Year 3

Report Comments – Year 3 – Pupils


  • I like my report but I still think I need to be better next year.
  • I think my report is amazing!
  • I think that I have done very well this year!
  • I think that I have had a good year.  I hope next year I will improve my behaviour

    and not get warnings for making the wrong choices.

  • I think that I have settled in well and I have enjoyed my work. Next year, I need to learn my times tables.
  • I’ve especially enjoyed swimming lessons and learning to swim.
  • I have enjoyed year 3 and my favourite subject has been maths.
  • I am very pleased with my report and I hope to achieve my targets.
  • I have enjoyed being at the juniors. I will try to be more confident in year 4.
  • I am very pleased with my report!
  • I will miss all of the teachers who have helped me.  I promise to keep improving!
  • I will try not to chat in Year 4 (during lessons) and keep practising my handwriting.
  • My best topic was Stone-Iron Age as we did a class assembly.
  • I think my report is very good but I know that I need to not get distracted by other people!
  • I have really enjoyed year 3.
  • I think that I have done really well this year!



Report Comments – Year 3 – Parents/Carers


  • I am proud of how much his attitude has changed this year.  He enjoys all aspects of school.
  • I am so very pleased with the progress that she has made and has tried her best.
  • Nice to see improvement in her behaviour.
  • Thank-you to Miss Rowlands & Mrs Williams for all the hard work and support you have given. 
  • He has really come out of his shell; his confidence has been boosted.
  • She seems to have settled really well into the juniors and thoroughly seems to enjoy school.
  • It’s been a difficult year of adjustments but the hard work, time and energy of the wonderful staff, have paid off.
  • We are very happy with his progress in year 3.
  • He would benefit from more challenging work, especially in maths.
  • I would like to thank all the teachers for their support. Without their encouragement, he would not have achieved so much this year.
  • He has enjoyed joining the juniors and thank you to all staff for making it such an interesting year.
  • Apart from him becoming more confident and engaging himself more, I believe that he also become more independent.
  • I am very impressed with her progress this year.
  • We are very happy with her excellent report, which reflects a happy and settled transition into the juniors.
  • We are very pleased with his efforts to improve his reading and writing skills.
  • He is more confident and therefore, as a result, is happier!
  • She loves coming to school and really enjoys the interesting and exciting planned activities.
  • We are very pleased with her achievements this year, especially in reading and

    maths. She has enjoyed all aspects of school.

  • We are very pleased to read such a positive report.  She is very proud of being part of the school and has really benefitted from the many clubs and competitions she

    has been involved with.