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Year 3

Report Comments – Year 3 – Pupils


  • I am going to improve my handwriting over the summer holidays.
  • Thank-you for a very fair report.
  • I agree that I need to read different books in year 4.
  • I feel really proud of myself.
  • I think I did very well in everything and will continue to improve in year 4.
  • I’m very happy with my report and I’m very happy at school.
  • I think that I have worked hard this year. In the holiday, I am going to learn my times tables so that I know them off by heart.
  • Thank you for making me have a lot of fun!
  • Next year, I’m going to work even harder in maths and science.
  • I hope that I will work as hard next year.
  • I thought that my report was amazing.
  • I have enjoyed this year and my favourite subject has been maths.
  • I have enjoyed maths all year.


Report Comments – Year 3 – Parents/Carers


  • I am very pleased with the progress that he has made since joining the junior school. He has grown in confidence and enjoys telling me about all the activities he has taken part in.
  • We are very pleased with his progress. He has settled well at the junior school and enjoys coming to school.
  • He has developed a real love for reading over the past year.
  • He has had a lovely first year at the juniors.
  • We are extremely pleased with the progress that he has made this year in all areas and with how happy he is at school. Thank you to all the great staff who have supported him.
  • We are delighted with her report. She has continued to try her best and this has been met with ongoing support and encouragement from all the staff. It’s great to see her so excited to go to school each day.
  • I am very pleased with the progress and positive changes that he has made this year.
  • At the start of the year, we were concerned about how sad she was to leave the infants. We certainly had no reason to be worried. She has come on leaps and bounds since joining the junior school. Whenever we’ve had any concerns, the teachers have been fantastic at supporting and helping us. Thank you!
  • She has come a long way since year 2 and her confidence has grown with all the support that she has received.
  • Since joining VPJS, I have noticed a big confidence change with my child. After initially being upset to go to school, he is now happy every day.
  • She has worked hard this year and is becoming more independent and confident in doing her homework on her own.
  • What a lovely report! We are really pleased with her progress this year and we are confident in the knowledge that she has thoroughly in the knowledge that she has really enjoyed year 3.
  • We are very pleased with her report and extremely proud of her. We are delighted with her achievements in both English and maths.
  • The school teaches to an excellent standard and we are very lucky parents.
  • Very happy that he is finally being rewarded for his hard work.
  • I’m really pleased to see how he has developed this year, especially in maths. I’m very happy with his progress and glad that he enjoys school and learning.
  • Her report has been very encouraging to read.
  • I was delighted to read here report and have realised how much she has learned this year.