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Who's Who?



      Mrs Taylor

     Head Teacher

Mr Wilkinson

Deputy Head Teacher


Hi, I’m Mrs Taylor the 

headteacher. I have been at the school

since 2002 and think it is the best

school in the world! It’s my job to

make sure; that all the children at our

school are happy and safe; that the 

parents are involved in the life of the 

school and that as a community we

are all achieving our best through fun

     and challenging learning experiences.                                                                              

Hi, I have been teaching here at

VPJS since 2005.  They say that

time flies when you are having fun! I

teach English and maths in Year 6 as

well as teaching other children throughout the school.

 I am responsible for lots of different things, including assessment, behaviour

and the general organisation of the school.


Year 3 




Miss Rowlands - Class Teacher

I am a year 3 teacher. I am responsible for ICT and computing.

I am also the E-safety officer.




Mr Moroney - Class Teacher

I am a year 3 teacher and I am also the PE Co-ordinator

and Teacher Governor at VPJS.






Miss Ellis - Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Co-ordinator

/Learning Mentor

I am a year 3 teaching assistant, lunchtime supervisor and

 learning mentor.  Being a learning mentor means I have a

 responsibility for the well being of our children and

discuss ways and means of making school life easier for

children that at times may find it difficult.

Miss Howard - Teaching Assistant

I am a teaching assistant in Year 3.

Year 4 




Miss Evans - Asst. Head & Class Teacher

I am an Assistant Head and a year 4 teacher and I am also in charge of challenge and creativity at VPJS. I enjoy developing our ASK

curriculum and helping to create irresistible learning experiences

for our fantastic learners.



Mr Tebbutt - Teacher

I am a year 4 teacher and I am responsible for all of music

and the arts within the school as well as running the school choir.






Mrs Shepherd - Teaching Assistant

I am a Teaching Assistant in Year 4.







Year 5





Miss Butterworth - Class Teacher

I am a year 5 teacher and English Co-ordinatorI enjoy

organising whole school events and celebrating the

achievements of our childrenin English. I also coach

the girls football team and runthe Zumba after school club. 





Miss Daly - Class Teacher

I am a year 5 teacher.




Mrs Williams - Teaching Assistant

I am a teaching assistant in year 5 and I am also a staff






Mrs Campbell - Teacher

I teach English in year 5 as well as teaching lots of

other children throughout the school. I am also responsible 

for EAL (English as an additional language) within the school

as well as leading the Equalities team.




Year 6



Miss Tidman - Asst. Head

I am an Assistant Head and a year 6 teacher and I am responsible

for all of the SEN within the school as well as being the 

designated teacherfor child protection.



Miss O'Toole - Class Teacher

I am a year 6 teacher. I am also the history and geography

co-ordinator and it is my responsibility to ensure the

curriculum for these topics is being taught and assessed

across the school. I am also the deputy SENCO and in charge

of the school council.



Mrs Ruddin - H.L.T.A/Website Co Ordinator

I am a higher level teaching assistant and I mostly work

within year 6. I am also responsible for building and

maintaining the school website.



Mr Ekpei - Teacher

I teach I.C.T., Science and P.E. in Years 5 and 6.




Mrs Sudell - Business Manager

I am the Business Manager and I am responsible for

the running of the school office, the finances and the

siteI am also the health and safety co-ordinator.                        



Mrs.Kukalowicz-Booth - Deputy Business Manager

 I am the Deputy Business Manager and I am responsible

for helping to look after the day to day maintenance

of the school. I also deal with attendance in school and carry

out a huge variety of office duties.



Mrs Dyson - Finance & Admin Assistant

I meet and greet visitors, parents and carers to the school.

I help with the financial records as well as manage the parentpay

system for dinner money. I assist with the day to day running of

the busy school office. 



Mr Grant - Caretaker

I am the Caretaker and I am responsible for security and

maintenance of the school site.  I carry out minor repairs and

generally help the staff wherever I can with portering, lifting and

moving of equipment & furniture.  I have a good sense of humour

and enjoy being in a school environment. 



Miss Body - Extended Services Co-ordinator

I am the Extended Services Co-ordinator for both Victoria

Park Infant and Junior Schools. I am responsible for FAF!

(Family and Friends of VPJS) and other activities which

promote parental involvement and engagement. I work

with staff in school on lots of different projects and I also

organise and run holiday activities here at school during

most holidays!