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Well-being Ambassadors


Hi and welcome to our very special new web page. We are now celebrating a new group of trained children called, ‘Well-being Ambassadors’.


The team will lead in a range of activities within the school that promote kindness, diversity, respect, good behaviour and provide extra support for children who may need it.


So far we have been involved in numerous activities throughout school including, a Children in need event and meeting our Local MP, Kate Green, who is supporting an Air Summit campaign to lower air pollution. We are currently working on a 'Kindness Day' which involves everyone in our school contributing with an act of kindness.


Thank you for showing interest in our Well-being Team and we look forward to many more events.



Our Well-being Ambassadors 2016-2017


To be a Well-being Ambassador, you need

to be calm, sensible and reliable. I have

got all these qualities.


One of the qualities I have is that I'm a very

good listener and sometimes we all need to

be heard by someone - I am that someone.


I want children to play games fairly and hope

to be a good role model for other children.


I can take ideas from the group outside and

bring inside to school.


I think I would make a great Well-being

Ambassador as I would help others get along.




I think that I am a kind and helpful person, I

try my best at everything I do.


After attending the training, I think I could 

help other children when they are finding

things a bit difficult. I could point them in 

the right direction.


I have some really good ideas to improve

playtime at school.


I would like to stop some unkindness in 

school and make children realise how 

important it is to be kind and considerate to



I got chosen to take part in being an 

Ambassador because I think I make a really

great friend.