Parents/Carers, please remember years 3, 4 and 5 finish for the Summer holidays at 2.50pm on Friday 28th July. Year 6 will finish at the normal time of 3.20pm...
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The Big Question

This half term we are looking forward to exploring our contrasting localities topic and prepare for our 'Around the World' event. 

We will be exploring African life and trying to answer the big question - Would you rather live in a city or a village? 




We looked at a series of pictures and were asked to sort them


We thought about where in the world they were taken

and what types of areas they were from.



Do you recognise any of the images?



We are investigating the differences between rural and urban areas.



We used our excellent research skills to learn more about life in Africa.




Alisha & Poppy 

We looked at the lives of school children around the world and compared both urban and rural schools in England and Africa. 

Take a look at our comic strips of a day in the life of

Nana (Urban Nairobi) and Evangeline (Rural Nairobi)

Saffia (5B)



Noorfatima (5B)