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Maths at Victoria Park Junior School

Victoria Park Junior School Maths Curriculum

At Victoria Park Junior School we strive to deliver a stimulating and enjoyable Maths curriculum which promotes a sense of enquiry and enthusiasm, whilst ensuring through appropriate support and challenge, learning is tailored to each and every child. This approach adheres to the aims of the National Curriculum (2014).

Maths is a subject which involves confidence and competence in the areas of number, measurement, geometry and statistics. The approach we take builds upon values underpinning mathematical learning by providing a balance between conceptual understanding and procedural fluency in order to develop the children's arithmetic proficiency. It also promotes the ability to solve problems and reason in a variety of mathematical and real life contexts.

To be secure in curriculum expectations, the children should demonstrate their understanding and be able to articulately explain their thinking whilst engaging in dialogic discussions. For this to be achieved, lessons are tailored to ensure opportunities for children to question, explore, reason and justify conceptual understanding. Children are encouraged to work co-operatively, communicate ideas about maths and extend and deepen their learning through the application of maths to a range of problems.

At Victoria Park Juniors we understand the importance of the children being fluent in the fundamentals of maths and be able to recall knowledge rapidly and accurately, as stated in the National Curriculum. To support this, a discreet mental maths lesson is taught weekly, during which the children are expected to work through a Schofield and Sims test over the course the week allowing them to develop their arithmetic proficiency. The children are given a book that is appropriate to their ability and this is marked in small groups to allow teachers the opportunity to address the children's misconceptions.

We, as a school, recognise that fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills are fundamental necessities for children to be able to fulfil their potential in their academic lives and in society as a while. At Victoria Park we understand our role as primary educators is to supply the foundations for everything that follows and nurture children's mathematical enquiry and enjoyment for the subject.

The Schools policy for maths is built around the 2014 National Curriculum.

Overall Vision for Maths at VPJS

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