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Half Term 5

Summer Half-Term 5


Welcome back to all our children in Year 6 after a well deserved Spring break.  This half term we will be concentrating on preparing the children for their SAT's tests happening in May and we just wanted them to know...




Dear Year 6,


We just wanted you to know that we believe that you have ALL done tremendously well this year.  As a year group and individuals you have made excellent progress and had many successes.


If you think back to September and the journey you have been on then you

should feel proud of your achievements.  You have achieved in many different

areas including:  academic achievements (reading, writing, maths, ASK); personal achievements and working as a team (enjoying a really successful trip to

Robinwood, being part of Aspirations Week, leading the SSOC; representing the school)


We are proud of all your hard work and next week is just another opportunity to demonstrate what super-stars you have become.


So remember to arrive on 14th May with a smile on your face (there will be toast and orange juice!) and to show your parents/carers, secondary schools and more importantly yourself, the amazing progress you have made.




                  Miss Tidman                  Miss O’Toole                   Mrs Taylor                     Mr Wilkinson        



                                      Mrs Williams