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This half term we have been reading ‘The Demon Headmaster’ written by one of the best children’s novelists today, Gillian Cross – winner of the Carnegie Medal.


“…Something weird is happening at school. The children are too well behaved – almost like robots. What strange power does the eerie headmaster hold over them… can anyone resist? Or are Dinah, Lloyd and Harvey doomed to become part of the Demon Headmaster’s dark plan?”



Year 6 didn’t quite know what to think when all of a sudden their easy going, smiling teachers turned into tyrannical, behavior obsessed, strict disciplinarians in order to portray the character of the Demon Headmaster and what it would be like to be educated in a school like the one he controlled.


Fortunately, normal teaching resumed and over the half-term the children will be learning about:

  • How to write a diary entry about a character’s worst day ever,
  • How to write a set of instructions on how to hypnotise someone,
  • How to write a speech as the Demon Headmaster…


…as well as learning all about settings, effective use of verbs and adverbs, self and peer assessing, complex sentences, conjunctions, apostrophes, formal and informal language, synonyms and antonyms and relative clauses!


All this in just one half term! Phew! Please see below to have a look at some examples of our work...