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This half term, we are going to be studying another text by the author Carol Ann Duffy called 'The lost happy endings'.



Week 1

We have been finding out about the character Jub, writing down what we know and what we would like to know about Jub and also making predictions about the text. We looked at the language used by the author and how similies make our writing exciting. We created art work about the author use of similies and our interpretations. We have been exploring the setting of the story which is set in a woodland area at night. We have looked at the use of colour and explored alternative words to describe colours such as green and black. We also created our own woodland sounds at night piece of music using a variety of musical instruments for inspiration in our very own school woodland area. 




We have read further into the book this week, finding our more about a new character in the story - the witch! We looked at the use of subordinate clauses and verbs and adverbs. Also, we learnt how to accurately punctuate direct speech and explored alternative vocabulary for said this week. We wrote some amazing sentences this week. We also have been creating our own ending and acting it out in groups.  We wrote our own alternative ending and learning how to successfully edit our own work.



This week, we have read the rest of the story and discovered the interesting ending. We have explored the vocabulary in the story and how it is used by the author. Year 3 continued to look at the witch in the story. We started to describe the witches appearance and personality. We also looked at the use of verbs and adverbs to improve our sentences. We also wrote our very own description of the witch, which were fantastic. Here are a few super examples.