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This half term, year 3 have been very busy settling in. We started English by looking at the text 'Where the wild things are' by the author Maurice Sendak. The children visited our woodland area to help inspire their vocabulary for this topic. They have been writing stories,  character descriptions and describing the setting of Where the wild things are.



To be able to do this, we have also learned how to:

  • plan a story,
  • use capital letters and full stops accurately,
  • use adjectives for detail,
  • use expanded noun phrases.

Where the wild things are

Still image for this video
Watch this video of where the wild things are.

We have also read the wonderful fantasy story 'The Tin Forest'. This is a book written by award winning author, Helen Ward and is exquisitely illustrated by Wayne Anderson. It is a touching tale about an old man living alone in the midst of environmental devastation.


"Every day he tried to clear away the garbage, sifting and sorting, burning and burying. And every night the old man dreamed."




The children have learned to write a narrative in role as a character, write an opinion of the setting and compared the story to others. Through drama they have expanded their verb vocabulary by acting out the old man's daily toil...


As well as this, we have also learned learned how to:

  • use prepositional phrases,
  • adjectives for description,
  • retell a story,
  • share our opinions,
  • use verbs and adverbs.