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This half term, we are going to be studying a text by the author Carol Ann Duffy called 'The Lost Happy Endings'which was shortlisted for the prestigious 'Kate Greenaway Medal'.



                                                                               Image result for the lost happy endings


This beautifully illustrated and evocative story will give the children the opportunity to use their imagination to help good triumph over evil - after all, everyone loves a happy ending...




"...if it were not for Jub there would be no happy ending at all. But one night, on her way to make sure that every story told in the world ends well, Jub is caught by a wicked witch who steals all the happy endings..."






In the best tradition of fairytales, everything works out well in this wonderfully inventive story.




Whilst exploring this wonderful text, the children will be:

  • infering information about a text
  • making predictions based on events
  • using adverbs and adjectives in their writing
  • using prepositions where effective
  • including similes in their work
  • writing character descriptions
  • and using the outdoors to help write detailed setting descriptions.