Parents/Carers, please remember years 3, 4 and 5 finish for the Summer holidays at 2.50pm on Friday 28th July. Year 6 will finish at the normal time of 3.20pm...
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Big Question

Come and join in this half term as we try to answer the big question- Can one person change the World?


Do you recognise these black and Asian historical figures?

Rosa Parks


Mahatma Gandhi



Martin Luther King Jr



Nelson Mandela


How would our lives be different if these people didn't stand up for what they believed in?



We will be thinking about who the famous figures of the future will be


Who inspires you?



Year 5 wrote their own speeches inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. We worked on our sentence openers, choosing vocabulary for effect and creating powerful metaphors.


" I have a dream that the violent storm of brutality with give way to a beautiful rainbow of tranquility"

" We will not wallow in the dark cave of hatred but journey on to the majestic palace of justice"


" We will not be satisfied until we break free from the chambers of militancy and are released into a  world of freedom and equality."


We then created a 'Speakers' Corner' in the hall and listened to some very emotive speeches!

Saffia's emotive speech